And That Happened

Reds 5, Pirates 0: Johnny Cueto is en fuego. His last three starts: 22 IP, 17 K, 2 BB and 1 run allowed, having shut out the Pirates over eight innings yesterday. The Pirates have been shut out in three of their last four games.

Dodgers 7, Padres 3: How many of the teams who passed up on Orlando Hudson (2-3, 2 2B, 3 RBI) this offseason are kicking themselves? He’s at .336/.408/.533, which ain’t bad considering he only cost the Dodgers $3.3 million. I know there were injury questions about the guy heading into this year, but the two biggies that took him out the past two seasons — the broken bone last year and the torn ligament the year before — were both kinda freaky things as opposed to your Ken Griffey-style stuff that seems borne of a predisposition.

Mariners 8, A’s 7: The folks who sat through all five hours of this thing probably thought it was over when Oakland scored three runs in the 13th, only to see Seattle match it. Things that happen when you follow a team’s games through box scores: because a name, such as, say, Chris Jakubauskas, kind of sticks out, you notice it each time you see it, thereby making you feel like a guy, say, Chris Jakubauskas, pitches every other game. I also just like to write “Chris Jakubauskas.”

Giants 1, Rockies 0: Regulation play ended with the match tied 0-0, but the Giants won it in stoppage time. Barry Zito shuts the Rockies out for seven innings, lowering his ERA below 4.00 for the first time since June 4, 2007.

Royals 7, Twins 5: Is there no Mean, but Fast or Feast? Scott Baker doesn’t know, given that he took a no-hitter into the seventh and then promptly gave up five runs and lost the game.

Cubs 6, Marlins 4: Carlos Zambrano went five innings and the Cubs got the win. That’s good! But he then he led off the bottom of the fifth by straining his hamstring trying to beat out a bunt. That’s bad! But hey, he did beat out the bunt. That’s no consolation! The Cubs retired Fergie Jenkins’ and Greg Maddux’s number 31 before the game. In light of Zambrano’s injury, I wonder if anyone had the bright idea to offer Maddux a contract.

Rays 5, Red Sox 3: As Matthew Pouliot points out, Carl Crawford’s six stolen bases were sound and fury signifying nothing. Not that it still wasn’t impressive on some level. And it certainly reveals Jason Varitek to be a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and soon will be heard no more.

Brewers 4, Diamondbacks 3: It was Ryan Braun Bobblehead Day at Miller Park but, but Braun sat with tightness in his upper back. Didn’t matter, though, as Prince Fielder and Mike Cameron hit back to back homers in the second and Dave Bush managed to pitch well enough to allow the Brewers to survive the three home runs he gave up in the seventh.

Blue Jays 4, Orioles 3: The key to winning the AL East recently has been to do well outside of the division and then pick on the Orioles. So far, so good for Toronto as they (finally) begin division play by sweeping Baltimore on yet another good start from Scott Richmond. Dude was playing in the Northern League a couple of years ago.

Tigers 3, Indians 1: Justin Verlander’s second strong start in a row (7 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, 11K) has to be encouraging for Tigers’ fans, because he seemed on a collision course with oblivion for a while there. Welcome to the big leagues Matt LaPorta: 0-4, 2K. Matt, at first these big league pitchers are going to light you up like a pinball machine. Don’t worry about it. You be cocky and arrogant even when you’re getting beat. And if you keep getting beat? Hey, I’ll enjoy watching you here in Columbus.

Astros 7, Braves 5: From the AP story: “Braves manager Bobby Cox said the struggles to drive in runs shows the team misses Brian McCann and Garret Anderson, who are on the disabled list.” Well, he’s half right.

Rangers 5, White Sox 1: Between Wilson Betemit, Brett Lillibridge, Elvis Andrus, and Andruw Jones in the game, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Jermaine Dye riding the pine, it felt like Braves day.

Angles vs. Yankees; Mets vs. Phillies; Cardinals vs. Nationals: POSTPONED: Don’t come around here no more, Bringing me all of your bad rain. Can’t you see I’ve got troubles of my own. I ain’t got time to be messing with all of your bad rain [insert 17 minute guitar jam]

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  1. MooseinOhio said...

    I know Theo has made some good moves for the Red Sox and a great deal of their on-field success has come under his watch.  But if he ever feels the need to humble himself, I have two words for him – Julio Lugo. 

    Any team in need of highly paid butcher, I mean SS, please call the Red Sox as I am sure they’ll not only eat the remainder of his contract but pay you and include a few additional players to rid themselves of him.

  2. APBA Guy said...

    Wow, the Allman Bros and and riff on Chris Jakubauskas. That’s entertainment.

    Unfortunately, yesterday’s Seattle/A’s game was not nearly so amusing. As you said, the Beloved A’s took a 3 run lead in the top of the 13th with call up Gio Gonzalez on the hill.

    Beltre opens the bottom of the 13th with a single. The A’s have 3 relievers in the pen, none of them are warming. Gonzalez proceeds to load the bases. Still nobody warming. Not even a visit from the dugout. Geren isn’t flexing a face muscle, just watching Gonzalez. Meanwhile, Holliday is on the phone to Boras “get me out of here, these guys don’t even want to win”. But Boras is busy.

    Two runs later, the A’s finally get someone up, but Gonzalez still has to face Ichiro. Result, tie game.

    It gets worse. In the 15th the A’s bring on Dana Eveland, Friday night’s starter. He only threw 75
    pitches, but still. And sure enough, he had nothing.

    This was the baseball equivalent of a jockey standing up in the saddle ten yards from the finish line and yelling “Whoa”.

    I’m going to have to be persuaded, after watching this fiasco, to go pay any money to see the A’s this year. The A’s management all but threw this game. I don’t know how they look their players in the face today.

  3. Alan said...

    More than the steals, I’m interested in the fact that Crawford’s showing far more plate discipline than he ever has: He’s walking 9.4 percent of the time and seeing 3.95 pitches per PA, still not exactly Bobby Abreu numbers but significantly better than his norm. Small sample and all, but it’d be nice to see him sustain that.

  4. Beanster said...

    Whoa!  Did not see Bob Costas but having trouble seeing a scenario where David’s comments about “some ugly woman” and “some gay guy” belong on this board.

  5. David said...

    Don’t forget, Bob Costas interviewed some ugly woman who performed pop psychoanalysis of Alex Rodriguez and stated that MLB is now the WWE.  Afterwards, Costas spoke with Harold Reynolds, a fairminded host, and some gay guy who seemed embittered that ARod wasn’t gay himself.

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