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Phillies 5, Dodgers 3: Jason Werth stole home in the seventh inning and tied a team record with four steals in one game, but since he’s not Dustin Pedroia, no one will probably make a big deal out of it. In other out-of-the-spotlight news, the AP game story’s “game notes” said that “Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt was at the game.” There had to have been at least five guys who played in this game plus Joe Torre, plus at least two or three local news anchors in attendance who are more famous and relevant than she is right now.

Rockies 12, Astros 1: Brad Hawpe was 4-4 with 5 RBI. No word if character actor Pat Hingle was at the game.

Blue Jays 5, Yankees 1: Matsui injured, Teixeira 0-4, Burnett gives up five runs, Roy Halladay dominant. Is there anything that didn’t go according to script in this one?

Pirates 7, Cardinals 1: Pujols got his, but beyond that, bubkes for the Cards. Zach Duke was 5-14 last season. He’s now 4-3.

Mets 4, Braves 3: They say that revenge is a dish best served cold. In winning on an extra-innings bases loaded walk last night, I can only assume that the accounts are now even for Game 6 of the 1999 NLCS.

White Sox 7, Indians 4: Back when Thome was with the Indians, a friend of mine from Cleveland used to yell “Thome is my homey!” whenever the big guy would hit a home run. I haven’t talked to that dude from Cleveland for a few years, but I bet he didn’t yell it as Thome hit two against the Tribe last night. In other news, the dreaded vote of confidence from Mark Shapiro! I can only assume that Wedge will be collecting unemployment this time next week.

Cubs 6, Padres 2: At this rate, Jake Peavy (6 IP, 6 H, 3 ER) is going to be the hottest 90 ERA+ pitcher available at the trading deadline since Andy Ashby!

Orioles 7, Rays 5: It’s probably gone by now, but the AP game story of this one said that “Kevin Bass (2-1) pitched four scoreless innings of relief,” when in reality it was Brian Bass. I’d like to think that rather than an innocent typo, however, that it was the AP stringer’s subtle tribute to the former Astro, who happened to turn 50 years-old yesterday.

Brewers 6, Marlins 3: Milwaukee has now won seven of its last nine and is five games over .500. Two two-run homers for Prince Fielder.

Twins 6, Tigers 2: Kevin Slowey gives up one run over six innings and the bullpen holds up. Joe Mauer has an OBP of .571 right now, but it’s really batting average heavy given that he’s hitting .500, so, like, don’t get too high on him or anything.

Rangers 7, Mariners 1: Josh Hamiton’s return boosts the Texas Rangers and the Matewan Massacre. Look, I know I said I won’t mention my fantasy teams very often, but his absence has been absolutely KILLING me.

Athletics 12, Royals 3: OK, so maybe there were reasons to keep Luke Hochevar down on the farm after all. Ick (2 IP, 7 H, 8 ER).

Giants 9, Nationals 7: Pablo Sandoval hit a three-run homer with two outs in the ninth to win it for the Giants, who are now 18-14. Zimmerman’s hitting streak is up to 30.

Reds 3, Diamondbacks 1: Micah Owings takes it to his old team, giving up a single earned run over seven, beating Danny Haren, who can’t get any run support these days.

Red Sox 4, Angels 3: The bullpen betrays the Angels once again, squandering a 3-1 lead in the eighth and ninth innings. Justin Masterson, not wanting to lose $750, had this to say after throwing a pitch behind Torii Hunter: “I walked two guys before that, then I left a slider up and in on him and I was trying to throw a sinker on the next pitch. It didn’t look good, but there was no intent whatsoever on that pitch behind him.” There, was that so hard Bobby Jenks?

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  1. lar said...

    It should probably be pointed out that Jayson Werth actually stole his way around the bases in the 7th inning. (Oh, and that it was Jacoby Ellsury that everyone was fawning over a couple of weeks ago, not the Destroya). To me, that makes the feat 25 times more exciting.

    Here’s the play by play from the 7th inning. Not too shabby:
    Philadelphia – Bottom of 7th  
    Will Ohman pitching for Los Angeles
    W Ohman relieved J McDonald. 
    C Utley flied out to center. 
    ****J Werth singled to left. 
    R Howard struck out swinging. 
    ****J Werth stole second. 
    J Rollins intentionally walked. 
    ****J Werth stole third. 
    J Rollins stole second.     
    R Ibanez walked.     
    R Belisario relieved W Ohman. 
    ****J Werth stole home.  2  
    P Feliz walked, J Rollins to third, R Ibanez to second. 
    C Ruiz grounded into fielder’s choice to third, R Ibanez out at third, P Feliz to second.

  2. Larry Love said...

    Not only was he not at the game, he doesn’t get the press hype that Pedroia does either.

  3. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Pedroia/Ellsbury/Patek . . .eh, who cares. Small guys who play for a team I don’t give much of a flip about . . .

  4. Adam said...

    Can the Yanks get Kevin Bass for their bullpen?  Failing that, I wonder if Denny Walling has been working out.

  5. APBA Guy said...

    Luke Hochevar had nothing last night. You know you are in trouble when Giambi (.212) squares up an opposite field double in the first inning off you. A lot was made locally about the Cabrera-led team meeting leading to this A’s romp, but it was more about a succession of Royals pitchers for whom the middle of the plate was a warm, friendly place, made warmer and more friendly the closer to 85 that each pitch was thrown.

    The most interesting thing about the game was actually the interview the A’s announcers conducted with Dallas Braden during the fourth inning. For those of you too interested in lesser teams to have noticed, Braden took a 98 mph come-backer off the pitching hand this weekend, then stayed in the game! The interview showed clips of him in the dugout between innings forcibly restraining the trainer from telling Geren about the extent of the injury. Very amusing interview. All of us watching remarked how much Braden’s composure and assuredness had improved since he first came up. Which is a good thing. With Duchscherer absent, at 25, Braden is the “old man”
    among A’s starters and has a nice 2.79 ERA so far.

  6. J. McCann said...

    Yeah, but JLH’s thingies are bigger, so all is right with the world as AP has their priorities straight.

  7. Leo said...

    But how much time do you think the AP writer – and all the other hacks in the press box – fantasizing about things they’d like to do with Joe Torre and those other five relevant guys?

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