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Lots of games got delayed last night due to rain causing them to end after my usual bedtime. As such, there wasn’t a chance that I was going to be able to be as comprehensive with these recaps as I usually am, seeing as though I’m writing way more of them this morning than I usually do. We’ll see how they go, however. Oh, and I’m punting box score links again. To get them, go here.

Indians 4, White Sox 0: Four runs is a lot of support for Cliff Lee. Didn’t need three of those runs, though, as he shuts the Sox down over seven innings, and the Cleveland bullpen somehow doesn’t get lit up for once. Jermaine Dye struck out to end the sixth inning, and was ejected for throwing his helmet and pouting and calling the ump whatever you call the ump to get ejected and stuff. The box score said “Jermaine Dye ejected in the top of the sixth.” Moments later Ozzie Guillen was ejected from barking at the ump over the same strikeout. The box score said “Ozzie Guillen ejected in the bottom of the sixth.” Gentlemen: I think if we review the tape we may finally be able to definitively determine when the top of an inning ends where the bottom begins! UPDATE: I’m told that Guillen’s ejection actually happened during Jhonny Peralta’s at bat in the actual bottom of the inning. Apologies for the confusion. I didn’t see the game, and the game story was not at all clear on this.

Nationals 6, Giants 3: Zimmerman’s hitting streak snapped. And this from the game story: “Zito (1-3) gave up eight hits and four runs while pitching into the seventh, losing control of a tight game late in another tough loss on his 31st birthday.” He had other tough losses on his 31st birthday? No wonder he lost. He was tired!

Braves 8, Mets 7: Atlanta blows leads in the first, fourth and eighth innings but somehow holds on to win in twelve innings. Jeff Francoeur was supposed to have the day off because he’s tired/terrible but he still got in the game for two at bats. He goes 0-2, getting himself out on the first pitch once and striking out the other time. I’m pained by his presence on my team’s roster.

Dodgers 9, Phillies 2: Has Jamie Moyer finally hit the wall? He’s got an 8.15 ERA and has given up 52 hits in 35 innings and the opposition is hitting .342 against him.

Yankees 8, Blue Jays 2: Scott Richmond is the first of the Blue Jays’ improbably good rotation to turn into a pumpkin (1.2 IP, 7 H, 5 ER). Jeter is still out. Matsui is out. Posada is still out. Who are all these kids in Yankees uniforms and what are they doing on my lawn?

Rays 8, Orioles 6: Plate umpire Tom Hallion was struck in the right hand by Orioles’ starter Brad Bergesen wild pitch in the third. You have to figure that if you do that, you’re not going to be getting too many calls for the rest of the game. Bergesen only walked one, but he did give up nine hits. One wonders if he was throwing it right down the middle because he knew Hallion had it in for him.

Pirates 5, Cardinals 2: It’s the first time the Pirates have won back-to-back games since April 25-26th. Adam LaRoche had a home run reversed on replay. He’s the first player to have one taken away since the program began last year.

Brewers 8, Marlins 6: Didn’t you feel all clever when you snagged Rickey Nolasco in a late round of your fantasy draft? Yeah, well, that’s why fantasy largely sucks (ERA = 7.78). Ross Gload has a home run reversed on a replay. He’s the second player to have one taken away since the program began last year.

Reds 10, Diamondbacks 3: The Reds stay on a roll and the Diamondbacks continue their descent.

Astros 15, Rockies 11: With Mike Hampton and Jason Marquis starting, this kind of a score shouldn’t really be a surprise, though each of the did have help setting the fires (Geoff Geary, Glendon Rusch).

Athletics 7, Royals 2: The A’s have about the worst offense in baseball, but they scored 20 runs and 20 hits against Kansas City in the past two days. Brian Bannister left the game early due to shoulder stiffness. The fairytale may be over in Kansas City.

Cubs 6, Padres 4: The Cubs have won nine of twelve.

Angels 8, Red Sox 4: Tim Wakefield getting shelled was bound to happen eventually — a knuckler sometimes just doesn’t knuckle — and last night was the night (4.2 IP, 11 H, 7 ER).

Rangers 6, Mariners 5: The Rangers are surging right now — winners of nine of eleven — keeping my prediction of them winning the west viable. It was a completely wild-ass guess of a prediction, of course, so I shouldn’t take any credit for prescience, but it’s still nice to look kind of smart for a little while.

Twins 14, Tigers 10: A walkoff grand slam from Joe Crede in the 13th inning wins it for Minnesota. Dontrelle Willis’ return: 4.2 IP, 8 H, 4 ER. I suppose it could have been worse based on where he was when we last saw him, but it’s hard to be encouraged either.

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  1. Kelly said...

    Overheard in the Metrodome last night:

    Dude who scored tickets off his boss #1: “Why can’t he bunt with two strikes?”
    Dude #2: “If he bunts and it goes foul, then he’s out.”
    Dude #1: “Well, that’s just stupid!”  Pause.  “Is it like that for a left-handed batter, too?”
    Dude #2: “In the American League or National?”

    This went on.  And on.  We left in the 11th when our section turned into a late night “the buzz is wearing off and we need to hit on chicks” club and had finally reached our maximum of stupid.  Slowest. Game. Ever.

  2. lookatthosetwins said...


    Yeah I’m glad I watched that one at home, and could entertain myself other ways.  I don’t care how many crazy things happen, 5 hours is a lot to watch a baseball game.  All in all, it was a pretty exciting 5 hours though.  Here are a list of things that Craig failed to mention.

    Jim Leyland was ejected after the Umpire put his hand on MAgglio Ordonez’ back.  You could read Maggio’s lips after the incident, “What the @#$% you doing?” “Don’t @#$#@ing push me!” 

    Dontrelle only walked 2 guys, and the last one sure looked like a strikeout.  He was one of the most effective pitchers this game.

    Curtis Granderson faked like he was running home, and Jesse Crain subsequently balked him home in the 13th to put the Tigers up 10-9.

    Nick Punto was on second as a pinch runner with one out in the 13th, and Matt Tolbert hit a bloop into left center.  Punto was off with the pitch and scored easily.  Matt Joyce made a dive for the ball, and it looked originally like he caught the ball, which would have meant an easy double play and the end of the game.  The Umpire got the call right, it was a trap, and the game was tied.  Either way, pretty stupid play by Punto to be running all the way on that. 

    Besides that, there were many ties and lead changes, the win expectancy chart looks like a seismograph during an earthquake.
    Anyway, crazy game, and I’m just glad I didn’t have to wake up early this morning.

  3. Pete Toms said...

    Well, MLB was trendy in Toronto for one day, and now its back to business as usual.  Attendance Tues nite for Doc vs AJ 40,000+, last nite 20,000.  Gotta be disappointing to players, management and ownership.

  4. Nate said...

    Zito actually pitched well. It was his 111th pitch that got him into trouble. Part of that has to be put on Bochy, but the Giants didn’t hit at all either.

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