1. The Rabbit said...

    If I assume that Matthew Pouliot is correct, it sucks to be Alex Gordon…but it already sucked to be any player in the Royals system.
    It also reinforces your point of view (with which I completely agree) re: ownership, the draft, etc.
    I’ve often wondered if fan reaction would be the same regarding some of these issues if ballplayers were making $50K, i.e., if the amount of money clouds the issue that should be distinct from whatever dollar amounts players receive.

  2. Matt Aux said...

    Somehow brought to you by the team that can’t figure out BB%, K%, OSwing, ZSwing, OPS, UZR, fielding +/-, or OBP for the players that they voluntarily acquire.  I don’t know if I should be angry or encouraged at their understanding.

  3. Diesel said...

    Perhaps this is forced — and perhaps it’s the result of my head almost exploding from an entire day’s worth of “WE MUST FIX THE DRAFT CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS MONEY HE’S NEVER THROWN A PITCH BEFORE AGGGGGGHHHHHH!” columns — but I find it sorta neat that so close to the scores of paeans for further restrictions on what prospects can make in bonus money, a team does a transparently scummy thing to manipulate the service time clock.

    Yes, please, make sure the clubs are safe from the tyrannical reign of Boras and kids who have never played before. It is they that are ruining our game.

  4. J. McCann said...

    It’s kind of messed up, but then again this is the system the players agreed to, and they can fix it in the next deal if it is so important to them.

  5. maguro said...

    I think the accusation that the Royals are violating “the spirit” of a collectively bargained agreement is pretty unconvincing. Both parties typically pursue their interests to the maximum extent possible within the letter of the CBA, no?

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