Around the Majors: Bonds breaks his IBB record

Note on the ATM reports–Every year, I say I have no idea whether I’ll have the reports during the break. Some years, I take off, some I don’t. This year is no different. If there aren’t daily reports over the next 3 days, then all of the news from the break will just pushed to Thursday’s report and won’t be neglected. But, even if there aren’t daily reports during the break, there will be breaking news updates in case anything significant happens.

1) Barry Bonds set the single season record for intentional walks. He also passed 2200 career walks.

After 161 RCAA/1.381 OPS and 115 RCAA/1.278 OPS seasons, Bonds is hitting .794 SLG, .628 OBA, 1.421 OPS, 79 RCAA in his first 77 games. He has a 1.045 career OPS, compared to his league average of .749, and 1423 RCAA in 2646 games.

The new top 10–

INTENTIONAL WALKS             YEAR     IBB    
1    Barry Bonds              2004       71   
2    Barry Bonds              2002       68   
3    Barry Bonds              2003       61   
4    Willie McCovey           1969       45   
5    Barry Bonds              1993       43   
6    Willie McCovey           1970       40   
7    Sammy Sosa               2001       37   
8    Barry Bonds              2001       35   
9    Barry Bonds              1997       34   
T10  Ted Williams             1957       33   
T10  John Olerud              1993       33   

He’s also broken his won record vs. the league average–

1    Barry Bonds              2004       69       71        2   
2    Barry Bonds              2002       64       68        4   
3    Barry Bonds              2003       58       61        3   
4    Willie McCovey           1969       39       45        6   
5    Barry Bonds              1993       38       43        5   
6    Willie McCovey           1970       34       40        6   
7    Sammy Sosa               2001       32       37        5   
8    Barry Bonds              2001       31       35        4   
T9   Ted Williams             1957       30       33        3   
T9   Barry Bonds              1997       30       34        4   

Bonds already has more IBB in half a season than the past 2 AL leaders had for the entire season and is closing in on making it the past 3–

2001--Manny Ramirez        25
2002--Ichiro Suzuki        27
2003--Manny Ramirez        28

2) Sammy Sosa watch–hit #554, is 9 behind Reggie Jackson for 8th place on the all time HR list.

3) Rafael Palmeiro watch–hit #541, is 7 behind Mike Schmidt for 10th place.

Palmeiro moved into the top 10 on the career extra base hits list. After 41 RCAA/.962 OPS and 18 RCAA/.867 OPS seasons, he is hitting .416 SLG, .355 OBA, .770 OPS, -2 RCAA in his first 82 games. Palmeiro has a .890 career OPS, compared to his league average of .754, and 560 RCAA in 2649 games.

The new top 10–

1    Hank Aaron                 1477   
2    Stan Musial                1377   
3    Babe Ruth                  1356   
4    Willie Mays                1323   
5    Barry Bonds                1303   
6    Lou Gehrig                 1190   
7    Frank Robinson             1186   
8    Carl Yastrzemski           1157   
9    Ty Cobb                    1138   
10   Rafael Palmeiro            1133   

4) Reds CF Ken Griffey Jr. had to leave yesterday’s game, due to a strained right hamstring.

After -2 RCAA/.784 OPS and 11 RCAA/.936 OPS seasons, Griffey is hitting .512 SLG, .350 OBA, .862 OPS, 12 RCAA in his first 80 games. He has a .937 career OPS, compared to his league average of .759, and 547 RCAA in 1994 games.

5) According to the Chicago Sun Times, the Cubs are interested in Tigers P Ugueth Urbina.

6) The Yankees will call up P Orlando Hernandez today.

Hernandez will take Mike Mussina’s start. Mussina could be headed to the DL, due to soreness in his elbow.

Hernandez missed the entire 2003 season and will make his 2004 debut today. He has a 4.04 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.72, and 49 RSAA in 124 games.

7) The Mariners designated SS Rich Aurilia for assignment and activated LF Raul Ibanez from the DL.

After -8 RCAA/.718 OPS and -12 RCAA/.735 OPS seasons, Aurilia is off to a .337 SLG, .304 OBA, .641 OPS, -11 RCAA start in his first 73 games. He has a .766 career OPS, compared to his league average of .777, and 2 RCAA in 1066. But, his 49 RCAA season in 2001 was the only positive figure of his career (excluding a 9 game September callup in 1995).

After 10 RCAA/.883 OPS and 0 RCAA/.799 OPS seasons, Ibanez is hitting .495 SLG, .324 OBA, .819 OPS, 5 RCAA in his first 52 games. He has a .800 career OPS, compared to his league average of .768, and 0 RCAA in 681 games.

8) The Rangers activated CF Laynce Nix from the DL, sent P Nick Regilio to the minors and sent P Nick Bierbrodt to the minors after he cleared waivers.

After starting his career with -5 RCAA/.729 OPS in 53 games in 2003, Nix is hitting .571 SLG, .333 OBA, .905 OPS, 4 RCAA in his first 48 games.

Regilio gave up 1 run in 1 IP in his only career appearance.

Bierbrodt had been removed from the 25 and 40 man rosters when he was designated for assignment on Wednesday.

9) According to the Houston Chronicle, Astros manager Jimy Williams could be fired by Wednesday.

10) The Brewers released minor league P Brian Bowles.

Bowles had a 3.23 ERA/5 RSAA in 24 games with the 2001-03 BlueJays.

11) On Friday, Tony Lupien died at the age of 87.

Lupien, a 1B, had a .692 career OPS, compared to his league average of .717, and -10 RCAA in 614 games with the Redsox, Phillies and Whitesox, from 1940-45 and 1948.

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