Around the Majors: Brewers sign Miller

1) The Brewers signed free agent C Damian Miller to a 2 year, $8.75 million contract, with an option for 2007.

After -8 RCAA/.775 OPS and -18 RCAA/.680 OPS seasons, Miller hit .403 SLG, .339 OBA, .742 OPS, -11 RCAA in 110 games with the A’s. He has a .750 career OPS, compared to his league average of .778, and -56 RCAA in 716 games.

2) The Twins signed free agent INF Juan Castro to a 2 year, $2.05 million contract.

After -5 RCAA/.607 OPS and -15 RCAA/.678 OPS seasons, Castro had a .378 SLG, .277 OBA, .655 OPS, -15 RCAA in 111 games with the Reds. He has a .600 career OPS, compared to his league average of .775, and -118 RCAA in 668 games.

Castro ranks 10th in worst career OBA vs. the league average (min: 1500 PA, since 1900)–

OBA                             DIFF   PLAYER   LEAGUE   
1    Bill Bergen               -.131     .194     .325   
2    Rob Picciolo              -.083     .246     .329   
3    Virgil Stallcup           -.083     .261     .344   
4    Jim Levey                 -.082     .272     .354   
5    Moe Berg                  -.081     .278     .359   
6    Skeeter Webb              -.080     .263     .343   
7    Todd Cruz                 -.078     .251     .329   
8    Billy Hunter              -.077     .264     .341   
9    Mike Powers               -.075     .245     .320   
10   Juan Castro               -.073     .269     .342   

3) The Padres signed free agent P Rudy Seanez to a 1 year, $550,000 contract.

After 5.73 ERA/-2 RSAA and 6.23 ERA/-1 RSAA seasons, Seanez had a 3.33 ERA/4 RSAA in 39 games with the Royals and Marlins. He has a 4.37 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.35, and -5 RSAA in 323 games.

4) The Reds re-signed C Javier Valentin to a 1 year, $450,000 contract.

After a -11 RCAA/.609 OPS season, Valentin had a .381 SLG, .293 OBA, .674 OPS, -7 RCAA in 82 games. He has a .643 career OPS, compared to his league average of .777, and -43 RCAA in 272 games.

5) The BlueJays re-signed free agent C Greg Myers to a minor league contract, with an invitation to spring training.

After -3 RCAA/.723 OPS and 9 RCAA/.876 OPS seasons, Myers had a .333 SLG, .300 OBA, .633 OPS, -1 RCAA in an injury ruined 8 game season. He has a .710 career OPS, compared to his league average of .759, and -90 RCAA in 1102 games.

6) According to the Newark Star Ledger, the Yankees and Diamondbacks are talking about a Randy Johnson for Javier Vazquez trade. The parties deny that a trade is imminent, while the Diamondbacks are reluctant to pick up Vazquez’s contract and are also talking to other teams.

7) Gary Sheffield’s surgery was postponed until next week, due to weather problems.

8) According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Phillies increased their offer to free agent P David Wells.

9) The Mets hired coaches Sandy Alomar Sr. (bench), Jerry Manuel (1B) and Manny Acta (3B).

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