Around the Majors: Mariners trade rumors

1) According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Mariners 2B Bret Boone and P Mike Myers are rumored to be headed to the Yankees, 1B John Olerud to the Redsox and SS Rich Aurilia back to the NL.

2) The A’s moved into 1st place in the AL West.

3) The Twins moved into a virtual tie, with the Whitesox, for 1st place in the AL Central. The Whitesox lead in PCT.

4) Barry Bonds watch–is 1 BB away from Rickey Henderson’s record.

5) Sammy Sosa watch–hit #553, is 10 behind Reggie Jackson for 8th place.

6) The Cubs placed LF Todd Hollandsworth on the 15 day DL and called up INF Brendan Harris.

Hollandsworth has a bruised right shin. After -8 RCAA/.807 OPS and -2 RCAA/.739 OPS seasons, Hollandsworth is hitting .547 SLG, .392 OBA, .939 OPS, 12 RCAA in his first 57 games. He has a .784 career OPS, compared to his league average of .774, and 13 RCAA in 897 games.

7) Cubs 3B Aramis Ramirez strained his groin on Friday and is expected to be out for another 3-5 days.

After -31 RCAA/.666 OPS and -4 RCAA/.788 OPS seasons, Ramirez is hitting .550 SLG, .374 OBA, .924 OPS, 17 RCAA in his first 79 games. He has a .773 career OPS, compared to his league average of .775, and -24 RCAA in 701 games.

8) The Giants sent P Noah Lowry to the minors and will call up P David Aardsma.

Lowry has a 2.67 ERA/5 RSAA in 9 career games, including a 3.48 ERA/2 RSAA in 5 games (3 starts) in 2004.

Aardsma has a 4.91 ERA/-1 RSAA in his first 9 career games.

9) Dodgers P Edwin Jackson had to leave yesterday’s game, due to a mild strain in his elbow.

He had just been called up.

10) The Reds placed P Mike Matthews on the 15 day DL and called up P Ryan Wagner.

Matthews will have surgery on Tuesday, to remove bone chips from his elbow. After 3.94 ERA/0 RSAA and 4.45 ERA/-4 RSAA seasons, he is off to a 8.84 ERA/-10 RSAA start in his first 22 games. Matthews has a 4.52 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.30, and -10 RSAA in 211 games.

Wagner has a 3.72 ERA/1 RSAA in 35 career games, including a 6.75 ERA/-5 RSAA in 18 games in 2004.

11) The Orioles activated P Rick Bauer from the DL and sent P Matt Riley to the minors.

After 3.98 ERA/4 RSAA and 4.55 ERA/-2 RSAA seasons, Bauer is off to a 6.61 ERA/-7 RSAA start in his first 15 games. He has a 4.66 career ERA< compared to his league average of 4.50, and -7 RSAA in 112 games.

Riley has a 6.99 ERA/-14 RSAA in 14 career games, including a 8.39 ERA/-14 RSAA in 8 starts (9 games) in 2004.

12) The Royals called up P Ryan Bukvich and sent P Shawn Camp to the minors.

Bukvich has a 7.13 ERA/-7 RSAA in 35 career games.

Camp has a 3.77 ERA/1 RSAA in his first 18 career games.

13) The Padres called up P Ricky Stone, signed OF Darren Bragg and sent INF Ramon Vazquez and OF Kerry Robinson to the minors.

Stone was recently claimed off waivers from the Astros. After 3.61 ERA/6 RSAA and 3.69 ERA/7 RSAA seasons, he’s off to a 3.68 ERA/-3 RSAA start in his first 16 games. Stone has a 3.80 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.22, and 12 RSAA in 165 games.

Bragg was also released by the Yankees AAA team yesterday and will join the Padres in the majors. After 0 RCAA/.748 OPS and -9 RCAA/.589 OPS seasons, he hasn’t made his 2004 debut yet. Bragg has a .726 career OPS, compared to his league average of .780, and -61 RCAA in 869 games.

After 1 RCAA/.706 OPS and -4 RCAA/.684 OPS seasons, Vazquez is “hitting” .149 SLG, .218 OBA, .367 OPS, -6 RCAA in 27 games. He has a .669 career OPS, compared to his league average of .768, and -12 RCAA in 288 games.

After -5 RCAA/.660 OPS and -11 RCAA/.603 OPS seasons, Robinson is off to a .307 SLG, .317 OBA, .624 OPS, -2 RCAA start in his first 61 games (just 82 PA). He has a .638 career OPS, compared to his league average of .772, and -23 RCAA in 426 games.

14) The Astros sent P Jeremy Griffiths to the minors and called up 2B Chris Burke.

Griffiths has a 7.35 ERA/-16 RSAA in 10 career games, including a 10.38 ERA/-3 RSAA in 1 start in 2004.

15) The Reds released minor league P Scott Randall.

Randall had a 6.51 ERA/-7 RSAA in 15 games with the 2003 Reds.

16) The Twins released minor league P Gary Glover.

Glover has a 5.00 ERA/-14 RSAA in 130 career games.

17) The Redsox called up P Jimmy Anderson and sent P Anastacio Martinez to the minors.

Anderson had just been acquired in a trade with the Cubs.

Martinez had just been called up.

Correction from yesterday–The Cubs traded Jimmy Anderson, not Jason, to the Redsox.

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