Around the Majors: Tigers sign Ordonez

1) The Tigers signed free agent RF Magglio Ordonez to a 5 year, $75 million contract. The Tigers can void the rest of the contract if, in 2005, he has a reoccurrence of the left knee injury that ruined his 2004 season and ends up on the DL for at least 25 days because of it. There are also vesting options that could raise the deal to 7 years, $105 million. An official announcement could come tomorrow.

After 46 RCAA/.978 OPS and 39 RCAA/.926 OPS seasons, Ordonez hit .485 SLG, .351 OBA, .836 OPS, 2 RCAA in 52 games. He’s spent his entire career with the Whitesox and has a .889 career OPS, compared to his league average of .773, and 143 RCAA in 1001 games.

Ordonez ranks 7th on the Whitesox career RCAA list–

1    Frank Thomas                796   
2    Eddie Collins               364   
3    Minnie Minoso               281   
4    Luke Appling                239   
5    Joe Jackson                 227   
6    Harold Baines               154   
T7   Dick Allen                  143   
T7   Magglio Ordonez             143   
9    Floyd Robinson              132   
10   Robin Ventura               121   

2) According to the St. Petersburg Times, trade talks between the Devil Rays and Diamondbacks, about Jose Cruz Jr., heated up for a few days, but the Diamondbacks aren’t interested in picking up Cruz’s salary. The paper also reports the Rockies are interested in Phillies CF Marlon Byrd.

3) The Marlins reached an agreement with the city and county for the building of a $420 million stadium, the Marlins are agreeing to pay $192 million, but the deal still needs the state to agree to pay $60 million.

So, in other words, the Marlins reached an agreement with the city and county for the building of a stadium, the cost of which will eventually prove to be $600 million, with the Marlins ending up paying $192.00 and the state also paying the cost.

4) According to NY Newsday, the Astros made a “supposed to be top secret” agreement with Roger Clemens that, if the Astros drop out of the race, he can request a trade to the Yankees.

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