Around the Majors: Tosca’s fired

1) The BlueJays fired manager Carlos Tosca and named John Gibbons as interim manager.

2) Redsox P Tim Wakefield tied the modern day major league record by allowing 6 HR in a game. He was the first pitcher to do it since George Caster, in 1940. Charlie Sweeney holds the all time record, with 7, in 1886.

After 2.81 ERA/29 RSAA and 4.09 ERA/15 RSAA seasons, Wakefield is off to a 4.48 ERA/6 RSAA start in his first 20 starts (22 games). He has a 4.25 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.59, and 99 RSAA in 414 games.

3) The Rockies placed P Aaron Cook on the 15 day DL and called up P Javier Lopez.

Rockies P Aaron Cook will miss the rest of the season, due to blood clots in both lungs. Fortunately, the condition isn’t life threatening, but he does need 6 months of blood thinner thereby.

After starting his career with a 3.70 ERA/7 RSAA in 75 games in 2003, Lopez is off to a 9.93 ERA/-15 RSAA start in his first 46 games.

4) The Whitesox moved into a virtual tie, with the Indians, for 2nd place in the AL Central. The Whitesox lead in PCT.

5) The Angels moved into a virtual tie, with the Rangers, for 2nd place in the AL West. The Rangers lead in PCT.

6) The Giants moved into a virtual tie, with the Padres, for 2nd place in the NL West. The Padres lead in PCT.

7) The Diamondbacks sent P Randy Choate to the minors and called up P Shane Nance.

Choate has a 4.76 ERA/-2 RSAA in 143 career games, including a 5.54 ERA/-4 RSAA in 61 games in 2004.

Nance has a 4.96 ERA/-2 RSAA in 33 career games, including a 9.00 ERA/-1 RSAA in 3 games in 2004.

8) Phillies 3B David Bell had to leave yesterday’s game, due to back spasms.

After 0 RCAA/.762 OPS and -19 RCAA/.579 OPS seasons, Bell is off to a .442 SLG, .361 OBA, .803 OPS, 3 RCAA start in his first 102 games. He’s never had a positive RCAA in any previous season and has a .714 career OPS, compared to his league average of .775, and -78 RCAA in 1067 games.

9) The Indians sent P Kazuhito Tadano to the minors and designated minor league OF Alex Escobar for assignment, to make room on the 25 and 40 man rosters, respectively, for DH-1B Josh Phelps.

Tadano has a 4.95 ERA/-2 RSAA in his first 12 career games (4 starts).

Escobar has -9 RCAA/.677 OPS in 92 career games, including a .309 SLG, .318 OBA, .627 OPS, -8 RCAA in 46 games in 2004.

10) Mets 1B Mike Piazza has been out of the lineup for the past couple of games, due to nagging injuries to his left wrist and knee.

After 17 RCAA/.903 OPS and 7 RCAA/.860 OPS seasons, Piazza is hitting .468 SLG, .372 OBA, .840 OPS, 12 RCAA in his first 100 games. He has a .952 career OPS, compared to his league average of .771, and 445 RCAA in 1561 games.

11) Mets SS Kaz Matsui (back spasms) and C Vance Wilson (hit in the head by a bat) both had to leave yesterday’s game.

Matsui could be headed to the DL. He has a .405 SLG, .337 OBA, .742 OPS, 1 RCAA in his first 106 career games in the US.

Wilson isn’t expected to miss any time. After -5 RCAA/.682 OPS and -13 RCAA/.666 OPS seasons, he’s off to a .464 SLG, .365 OBA, .829 OPS, 2 RCAA start in his first 61 games. Wilson has a .699 career OPS, compared to his league average of .772, and -19 RCAA in 267 games.

12) Cardinals LF Ray Lankford has been told he can either accept an assignment to the minors or be released. He’s still considering his options.

13) Dodgers P Brad Penny had to leave yesterday’s game, in the 1st inning, due to a strained right biceps. He’ll have a MRI today.

After 4.66 ERA/-10 RSAA and 4.13 ERA/-3 RSAA seasons, Penny’s off to a 3.02 ERA/18 RSAA start in his first 23 starts (first 21 with the Marlins). He has a 4.01 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.33, and 11 RSAA in 133 games.

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