Data Erratum Et Cetera

Studes uses his entire Latin vocabulary for the title of his article, which is filled with non sequiturs and caveats. Alas, it is no magnum opus.

Around the Majors: Milestones and a trade

Sammy Sosa hits hits 550th career HR, Barry Bonds reaches 2000 career runs, Freddy Garcia is traded to the Whitesox, the Marlins reclaim sole possession of 1st place and the rest of the news around the majors.

Around the Majors: Beltran is traded to the Astros

The Royals trade Carlos Beltran to the Astros in a 3-team trade, the Royals and Astros might not be done trading, Mike Lowell sets a team record, Aaron Boone may have found a new team and the rest of the news around the majors.

Smart Growth and MLB:  A Virtual History

There were many different scenarios under which MLB might have captured its new markets over the past half century. Steve offers a virtual history in which all existing markets (and then some) are served, with only one franchise relocation ever occurring. It’s a scenario sure to please all except greedy soulless millionaires. Oh, and lovers of the Wild Card, Interleague Play, the DH, or artificial turf.