Around the Majors: Brenly is fired

The Diamondbacks fire Bob Brenly, Barry Bonds moves closer to the career BB record, the Angels are open to, but not looking to, trade Ramon Ortiz and the rest of the news around the majors.

Fiction Is Dead

The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox have played some of the most memorable games in baseball history. Many have been more important, but last night’s may have been the most exciting, most improbable game they have ever played. Larry tries to put what he saw last night into words.

The Minnesota Twins, by Month (Through June)

First they hit and can’t pitch, then they pitch and can’t hit. First the starters are bad and the bullpen is good, then the relievers go in the tank and the rotation picks it up. Their most productive hitter started the season in the minors and their best hitter might still be there. It’s been a confusing season in Minnesota, and Aaron takes a look at exactly what is going on.