The West Texas-New Mexico League

The parking lot dust rises to your nostrils, and then a sudden gust of wind — hot, dry, and gritty — also bids you good morning. Heat, dust, and wind, in every imaginable combination, are your ever-present summertime companions in this region. You’re in the West Texas-New Mexico League. If you’re a hitter, you’re in paradise. If you’re a pitcher, you’re in some deep lowest rung of sheer hell.

New Eyes, Better Bats?

Laser eye surgery is becoming more and more common among baseball players, but what does it mean for their on-field performance? Matthew looks at the track record of such surgeries.


How fast are the fastest triples? How slow are the slowest? Robert takes a look at perhaps the most exciting play in baseball.

Slow Starts

Alex Rodriguez is hitting .160! Bobby Abreu is hitting .111! Brian Giles is hitting .122! Is this some sort of bizarro world? Nah, just April.