At least it’s not funded with tax dollars

The MLB Network has built itself a stadium:

Dubbed Studio 42 — after Jackie Robinson’s number — the MLB Network will convert what used to be MSNBC’s main set in Secaucus, N.J., into a sort of ballpark. Its infield is only half regulation size. But, says Tony Petitti, president of the MLB Network, which launches New Year’s Day, it will have a “portable pitching mound” so analysts such as ex-pitcher Al Leiter can fire full-strength fastballs. Assuming there’d be somebody to catch.

And, says Petitti, the set will have “real padding” in its outfield walls as well as “real bleachers” — so studio audiences, presumably, would feel comfortable taking off their shirts.

There’s a pic in the article.

I guess that’s kind of cool, but if they’re going to use it like studio shows typically use field mockups, I hope they do something about the dress code for on-air talent. It’s bad enough when a retired athlete tries to reenact the motions of active players for TV, but it’s even worse when they do it wearing a suit jacket.

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  1. Aaron said...

    I think it’ll take more than a catcher and movable mound to get Al Leiter to throw a full-strength fastball. It was painful to watch him pitch at the end.

  2. glenn said...

    Whoops…HEY! I completely missed the title.  No wonder my wife doesn’t let me use the power tools anymore.  My apologies.

  3. APBA Guy said...

    Come on, Harold Reynolds and Rob Dibble in suits re-enacting plays at the ESPN plate were hysterical. Great comedy. I think ex big leaguers should have to wear tuxedos on the air. It would be even funnier.

    Generally speaking, pro athletes look pretty bad in street clothes. They are so overdeveloped somewhere that regular clothes hightlight the disproportion rather than disguise lt, like they do for you and me.

  4. TC said...

    I’m with APBA Guy—ludicrously overdressed, for six straight months.  Tuxedos for everyone, except Vasgersian, who’s wearing white slacks and the Hugh Hefner red velvet smoking jacket, and is, for that matter, smoking.  Constantly.  Like it’s 1955.  Pipes.  Cigars.  Cigarettes.  And there’s a glass of brandy on the newsdesk, but he never touches it on the air, no sir.  Though sometimes, you can hear Uncle Matt screaming profanities just at the end of the show, when he thinks we’re at commercial break.  Good times.

  5. mkd said...

    I want to tread lightly here, but at some point MLB is going to stop going to the Jackie Robinson well, right? I mean, other inspirational people played baseball, right? Can Larry Doby get a little love? Just once?

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