Trust but Verify

Last week, I was playing around with creating a BABIP predictor that was simple, intuitive, and calculable with the information available in my spreadsheets. I also stumbled across some brilliant work done by Peter Bendix at THT some time back. As an offshoot of the BABIP estimator, I decided to start with a baseline reading […]

Projecting JJ Hardy

The Brewers are facing a decision about their SS situation, with phenom Alcides Escobar seemingly ready to contribute at the MLB level, and J.J. Hardy coming off a season-long slump that even saw him get demoted to AAA Nashville. The situation presents many options; trading Hardy, keeping Escobar in Nashville another year, having a player […]

Game Theory and the NL West

On September 11th, the NL West leading Dodgers began a series against the Wildcard seeking Giants. The NL West standings (and truly the only relevant Wildcard standings) on that day were as follows: As a Rockies fan, I was scoreboard watching. But wait… who do I really want to win? Option 1: I root Giants. […]

The manager bump

Jim Tracy is off to an incredible start as manager of the Rockies. As of this writing the Rockies are 19-7 since Tracy took the helm, including a streak of winning 18 games out of 19. Quite a contrast from Clint Hurdle’s 18-28 start to the season. Now, being a lifelong Rockies fan (despite growing […]