Can the Cardinals build a winning team around Matt Holliday?

Authors note: I promise we’re not trying to turn The Hardball Times Live into “”. However, it is a topic worthy of extra attention. How his contract situation plays out will say a great deal about many questions that face Major League Baseball today. And over the past few years, I’ve poured a lot of […]

Cardinals sign Jim Edmonds and his half-shirts

Ah, it’s that time of year when baseball news is scarce. This week there’s the usual retiring of baseball players who everyone thought would retire and actually did. These always bring about the standard, “Is he a Hall of Famer?” discussions. Then there’s this year’s countdown to Spring Training , fully equipped with its own […]

The Albert Pujols contract: why the DeWitts will win

The surge of non-information around the Albert Pujols contract negotiations is hardly interesting. Both parties have upheld their stance on keeping quiet about the progress (or lack thereof) of negotiations. Let’s face it, it’s all rather boring. But with a little outside the box thinking, there are a few possibilities no one mentions. Think of […]

An interview with Joe Buck: it’s good to have a family

In the heartland of Cardinal country, his ballcap is the color of Cubbie blue. He stands in line waiting for his coffee surrounded by men and women in business suits. The very recognizable face of Joe Buck, Fox Sports’ lead play-by-play broadcaster and son of Hall of Fame broadcaster Jack Buck, blends into the crowd. […]

Santa’s naughty and nice list

Regardless of anyone’s holiday celebrating preferences, there’s one thing certain this time of year: Santa’s “naughty” and “nice” list causes otherwise normal people to do really crazy stuff. Have you heard of the “Elf on a shelf”? Families move that creepy thing around the house to make sure their children are so spooked out by […]

Pujols and Jeter: the great holdout

Albert Pujols and Derek Jeter are coming at us as a pair. Sound familiar? If the “stars” of free-agency were aligned just a little closer together, say in timing of contract negotiations and free agency, we could all have a lot more fun. Imagine if both Pujols and Jeter were free agents at the same […]

The MVP voting: what are the standards?

Once the Baseball Writers Association of America announces its annual awards, we often hear voters explaining how they arrived at their choices. This year has been no exception. But what about the guidelines from the BBWAA? Does the organization give its members variables to use in voting for these annual awards? When it comes time […]

Marketing. Ploy.

Actual words from the Rawlings website about the Rawlings Gold Glove award, and a bit of editing to update it. “Just over 50 years ago, a Rawlings sales manager named Elmer Blasco made the observation that well over half of the pros in the game wore a Rawlings glove. It didn’t take him long to […]

These Giants had quite a bite!

The final “Dancing With The Playoff Stats,” in which we wrap it all up. Before we unveil the 2010 champion, you’ll need to know a few thoughts on this series of postings. The real “Dancing With The Stars” has provided some excellent fodder as luck would have it–or not, if you believe my keen intelligence […]

Buster Posey is the star entertainer!

The Dancing With The Playoff Stats League Championship Series contestants had much to prove. Traditionally this is when the stars are born. The contest will take just a few ballplayers to the World Series and in the end pick an MVP World Series champion. During the League Championship Series the pressure was on our star […]

“Dancing”: results show 3

It’s Acoustic week on “Dancing With The Playoff Stats,” Show three has brought us closer to the contestants than ever before. They’ve played out the Division Series and we’ve gotten to know them well. This past week the contestants performed the Tango and the Rumba at the ballpark. Can you feel their sweat as they […]

Ms. Satire finds a solution for the umpires

As the Division Series draw to a close, Major League Baseball has decided to be proactive and address the issue of umpiring for the remainder of the postseason. “We realize that as the League Championship Series begin, more fans are worrying more about what disastrous calls might happen to affect the outcome of an important […]

“Dancing”:  The results show

Welcome to the results show for the “story” episode on “Dancing with the Playoff Stats.” Before we begin, I should introduce you to our new host—Craig Sager. Yes, he will occasionally be adding some colorful commentary for us. He will also bring you our Live Ugly Suits Probability. Now that we have that squared away… […]

Dancing with the Playoff Stats

Welcome to the first edition of The Hardball Times “Dancing with the Playoff Stats”! Matt Philip (a.k.a Pip) from Fungoes and I will bring you some postseason entertainment—and be informative as well. In our contest we list the 16 ballplayers most likely to have the greatest influence in the postseason. As the playoffs progress, twice […]

Your NL wild card Jedi survival pack

Dear creator of the Star Wars Visual Dictionary, Do you like Sabermetrics? I bet you do. I know this because you’ve landed at the perfect website to feed your craving. Before you read this, you should know for years I’ve cursed you. Yes, I’m sorry, but it’s true. For however entertaining and engaging the actual […]

Telling everyone you’re faking it is not cool

Random thoughts from the week in baseball: On Wednesday night after the Yankees and Rays game a reporter (not wearing tight jeans) from the Yes Network did a fantastic job at getting Derek Jeter to admit the ball hit the bat instead of hitting him. While he didn’t break any official “rules” and faking it […]

An interview with Mike Matheny: when your head leads you

The pitch comes flying across home plate and the clean thud against his glove is heard by the umpire behind him. His body doesn’t flinch as his glove closes around the ball, steady and sure. A strike is called because both the ball and the umpire were framed. This is the head of Mike Matheny, […]

Today is not the day for satire

Until now, I have dealt with the steroid era by way of omission. Just like papers at the bottom of a “to do” pile, I have filed all the issues that revolve around baseball and the steroid years in the back of my mind. Over the weekend, as I was reading through Roger Clemens indictment, […]