The hunt for a $130,000 water buffalo

Zack Greinke went down last night with what can be loosely described as a baseball-related injury. The main reason for that injury is that Greinke picked up his fight moves from a National Geographic special on water buffaloes. Another important reason is that there was an angry person running in his direction. That person was […]

Outfield assist of another kind

In a sense, there has been an air of spring training atmosphere around September baseball in Oakland for a while now. Only without the hope part. The weather is great. The games don’t really decide anything. And not too many watch them to start with. So, when Jeff Francoeur and his 59-83 Royals rolled into […]

Losing Greg Halman: The view from Europe

By the time June of 1993 came around, I thought I had experienced every kind of loss that a 21-year old kid can be hit with. For two long years the war in my home country of Croatia kept finding new ways to take away most everything that I held dear and I had reached […]

What can you get for $50 million?

Well, it depends. If you are the Tampa Bay Rays, you can get your complete 2011 roster paid for. If you are one of the two teams that they fought off in the Wild Card race—a bit less. Now, as far as the Boston Red Sox go, one can cut them some slack. J.D. Drew […]

The AL glad you left award

Switching over to American League, here are the players who had the most standout performances as a visiting player against each home team. Toronto faithful have seen more J.J. Hardy than they’d care for, yet they have hardly seen him do one thing—hit a single. In 30 plate appearances at Rogers Centre, Hardy had 11 […]