Clumping Redux

As of this moment, five teams in the NL Central have given up between 177 and 179 runs inclusive, from the 26-16 Brewers to the 19-23 Pirates. (The last place Astros have given up 191.) Atop the AL Central, the Tigers and Royals have also given up exactly 179. If the Cardinals had given up […]

At least Syracuse is 1-4.

Lastings Milledge has a chance to play with a winning team after his demotion to Syracuse today. Although his line out of the gate isn’t that great, the official site’s article on it is a bit strange. In its eight sentences, it not only gives his batting line but mentions “mediocre defense in center,” along […]

A league divided: Part 5 (1982-93)

The Mets make a dynasty of it, Pete Rose is a winner, Fred McGriff is important twice, and Tom Trebelhorn is a legend. If the major leagues had featured divisions and an unbalanced schedule throughout history, here’s what might have happened.


Howard Bryant wrote this article on Hank Aaron’s 75th birthday bash and how much Aaron had to endure in his time and so forth. I agree with him completely that Aaron pioneered a lot and had solid integrity. More than most, I even agree with Bryant that baseball owes a duty of morality to the […]

Rickey and Ricey

It’s Messrs. Henderson and Rice in the Hall from the “standard” BBWAA method. The jury’s out as to whether more articles will be written henceforward on how Rice should or should not be in the Hall as were written before the election.

What 2009 will bring

In Peter Gammons’s blog of today, he discusses the upcoming youth movement (citing favorably to Mr. Studeman’s piece in this year’s Annual) and debunks the idea that this year’s spending in New York is new, noting that the “good old days” had plenty of it. (FYI, 39 of the first 61 World Series featured at […]