This needs to be mentioned more than it is: During his relief apperance for the Braves last night, Chris Resop went to left field for a batter before going back to the mound to lose the game. Pirates starter Ian Snell also showed up as a pinch-runner, giving this game a hearty dose of managerial […]

Giants declare offense awful with 2008 slogan

Given the offensive predictions (or lack thereof) for the Giants this year, you’d think they’d pick a better slogan than this. I guess with Bonds’s OBP making him the closest thing to Never Out All Season, they’re looking for more ways to move on from the era.

Worthless card collection

If you’ve ever wondered what was behind all those patently odd baseball card photos of the ’80s, here’s your answer. The Joesportsfan.com writers have been making fun of these photos for years, with today’s installment a top-notch set. Probably rated PG-13 in a few spots, but you’ll never look at your baseball cards the same […]