Errata: Into the Next Dimension with HITf/x

Hi Readers, You may have noticed that Jon Hale’s article from earlier today, “Into the Next Dimension with HITf/x,” has been removed from the site. Jon has found a calculation error which significantly alters the findings. We regret the error, and hope to post a revised version of the article soon. Update: Comments made on […]

A note from a reader on BABIP

Reader Abbot Katz checks in with this note on batting average on balls in play. It has been some time now since the BABIP established its place in the sabermetric canon, and understandably so. BABIP means to aim a quantified scrutiny at a rather interesting problem: the extent to which a batter’s skill at directing […]

Reason for hope in Balmer

I received this mailbag submission from Jake Rake, a long suffering Orioles fan. As someone who’s not an Orioles fan, I hardly ever think of them, and the fans I do run across seem to range from resigned to actively angry. But who knows; hope springs eternal, and it’s only 165 till Opening Day 2009. […]

$140mm doesn’t buy what it used to

Some Rays fans are starting to grow into their contender status and talk some more trash with Yankees fans. It’s hard to say that the Yankees won’t be back in the near future with their payroll resources, so Rays fans should definitely milk this run for all it’s worth.

MLB’s real competitive advantage

It’s always interesting to read about baseball in the non-sports press. This BusinessWeek article breaks down MLB Advanced Media as a business. Bookmark this for the next time owners cry poor.

Yankees fans deal with lost season

River Avenue Blues contemplates (for the first time in over a decade) what it means to give up a season. Not anything that fans of other teams are unfamiliar with, but it’s nice to see the Yankees fans deal with it too for once. (Pardon my schadenfreude.)

Inside MLB’s replay center

The Boston Globe’s excellent sports section takes us inside MLB’s new $2.5 million replay center, which will be used to provide replay footage to umpires working all MLB games. You can slow a picture down so much that you can see the grains of sand and the clay around the bag. You can see whether […]

Sizemore superstar

Patrick Sullivan over at Baseball Analysts compares the start of Grady Sizemore’s career with other historical center fielders, and finds that he matches up will with the likes of Fred Lynn and Jimmy Wynn. While this obviously in no way means he’ll have their careers, it does help put his performance into context.

Free agent compensation list

MLB Trade Rumors links us a list of projected Elias Rankings of free agents, which determine how much compensation (if any) a team will receive if that player is offered arbitration but leaves as a free agent. A useful resource for fans who are already looking toward the offseason.

Glavine not welcome?

Talking Chop certainly seems less than enthused at the thought of the future Hall of Famer returning to the team after labrum surgery.

Umpires, MLB sign agreement on instant replay

After long negotiations between MLB and the umpires union, an agreement was reached to implement instant replay for fair/foul and home run/not home run calls. Personally, I can’t think of all that many times where something like this comes into play; off the top of my head, a handful of games per season. I like […]

Kazmir’s pitch mix

Dave Cameron notes that Scott Kazmir has been throwing more fastballs and fewer sliders this season, though an astute poster in the comments raises some pitch classification issues.

Rangers prospects in review

John Sickels runs down the performances of the Rangers’ preseason top 20 prospects. Looks like a fairly standard year, with some prospects struggling and others moving their stock up.

Fowler Busts Out As U.S. Beats Taiwan

The win moves the US team to 4-2 in pool play, and wrapped up a spot in the medal round. Baseball America recaps the game and runs down how the top prospects on the team did.

Top 10 locations for relocation/expansion

THT alum Maury Brown does a ton of in depth research on the top 10 potential new locations for an MLB franchise. One additional factor to consider, however, would be that unless a team is in the west, it would almost certainly require some kind of re-alignment. With the NL currently carrying two additional teams, […]

Performance enhancing genes?

Craig Calcaterra reports that a University of Pennsylvania researcher has discovered a gene that boosts muscle growth in mice, increasing their strength by 50 percent. Apparently, this guy was immediately mobbed by athletes wanting to take the still experimental treatment. While it’s unlikely that this will become a thing in the near future, we’ll probably […]