Shea Selling Seats for $869

Metsblog reports that the Mets are offering season ticket holders the opportunity to purchase their actual seats from Shea Stadium for $869, a number with some significance for Mets fans.

Price to the pen?

R.J. Anderson does some back of the envelope calculations and comes to the conclusion that David Price could be best leveraged as a reliever for the stretch run. Doing so would allow the Rays to get the most out of him while still limiting his innings for the rest of the season, similar to what […]

Ron Mahay?

Disappointed that your favorite team didn’t pick up a lefty reliever for the stretch run? Eric Seidman does a good job of pointing out why a guy like Ron Mahay would likely have minimal impact on the stretch run. It’s very possible that more teams are realizing this, making them more reluctant to deal prospects […]

Autographs and Mays

JoePos’ latest on seeking autographs and life. His usual compelling read, but the following passage, a mostly representative email from a fan meant to highlight the importance of learning how to ask for something, made me crack up. Dear Joe, I have to do this assignment in class where, like, I have to write about […]

Time for Phillies to take a chance on Bonds?

Fans around the blogosphere have been beating the Barry Bonds drum for a while now, but this shoutout in the Philadelphia Inquirer might be the first mainstream media column I’ve seen advocating his signing.

Why This Year Isn’t As Bad As We Think – Purple Row

Rockies fans have probably had a hard time dealing with the slide from NL pennant winners to NL West also rans this season, but the fans at Purple Row are finding some silver lining. As an objective observer, I’m skeptical of a couple of the claims, but I think part of being a real fan […]

Why does everyone want Frenchy to go the other way?

JC Bradbury hits upon one of my pet peeves, which is asking players to significantly modify their approach. In this case, he harps on Braves commentator Joe Simpson for calling on Jeff Francouer to hit more to the opposite field; I feel the same way when people want Jack Cust to “just try to make […]

The emergence of John Danks

Beyond the Box Score has an interesting analysis of John Danks’ breakout this season, mostly using PITCHf/x data to tease out differences in pitch selection and velocity. I’m still not 100 percent convinced of the causality in cases like this—i.e. is he pitching better because of his pitch selection/approach, or is his approach different because […]

The hits just keep on coming

Bob Timmerman over at Baseball Toaster commemorates the 76th anniversary of the day the single-day AL hits record was set, with eight teams accumulating 190 hits in one day of baseball.

Duchscherer looking for a long-term deal

Newly minted two-time All Star Justin Duchscherer is looking for a three-year extension. Amazingly, the A’s still own two arbitration years on him, and even though as a fan it’d be awesome to lock up and take care of the guy who went from under the radar starting prospect to middle relief ace to All […]

Where did the Frenchy quotes go?

Always interesting when newspapers change their stories after they’ve been published. JC Bradbury tracks some of the changes the Atlanta Journal-Constitution made to a piece about Jeff Francouer.

C.C. Sabathia links

MLB Trade Rumors aggregates a bunch of interesting links around the C.C. Sabathia trade.

Waiting for Liriano

As we continue our journey around the MLB divisions, I look up to find that the Twins are second place in the AL Central (behind the White Sox!) despite not getting anything from Francisco Liriano so far. Well, don’t forget about him because he’s apparently showing some signs of life at Triple-A. I wouldn’t be […]

Braves throwing in the towel

It’s definitely put up or shut up time around the divisions in baseball. Craig Calcaterra seems to think that the Braves are packing it in.

“A magnet for suffering”

It’s a tough time to be a Mets fan right now. I definitely thought they’d be one of the best teams in the NL this season, so watching them muddle through the early part of the season has been somewhat surprising. Still, they are only 4.5 games out of first, which means they are not […]

AL superiority

Jacob Jackson breaks down the AL’s dominance over the NL over at Athletics Nation. At this point, there’s very little doubt in my mind that AL teams just have more talent than NL teams.