Twins on fire

I hadn’t realized the Twins were so hot, winning eight straight and 10 of their last 11 games while posting a team OPS of over .800. Jesse at Twinkie Town breaks down the team’s offense during the run.

Latinos and college baseball

Not surprisingly, a recent study finds that while Latinos are well represented on major league baseball teams, there are relatively few playing NCAA baseball. I agree with JC Bradbury that this is not that interesting a finding, but it would be interesting to see whether Latinos are underrepresented on NCAA baseball teams compared to their […]

Papelbon is a Guitar Hero

Always fun to read about what players do in their spare time. Unbowed by his blown save earlier in the day, Papelbon challenged Dropkick Murphy Ken Casey to a game of Guitar Hero in the bar’s VIP room and actually won. The pair squared off on “Story of My Life” by Social Distortion.

MLB game times down

More emphasis on speeding up games has led to a decrease in average game time by a couple minutes since May 23. Since it’s such a small sample and short period of improvement, I’m a bit skeptical that this is a real effect, but at least it seems like MLB cares about speeding up the […]

What is Edwin swinging at?

Red Reporter breaks down Edwin Encarnacion’s recent slump by pointing out that he’s been swinging at fewer pitches in the zone. It’s a good starting point for analysis, but it would be interesting to see MLB averages for contact in the strike zone vs. outside the zone as another point of comparison.

Mock draft has a mock draft of the first 30 picks up today. Helpfully, Rany Jazayerli has his thoughts on the draft’s top prospects up today to go with it.

Should the Red Sox sign Bonds?

With David Ortiz going on the disabled list and possibly facing season ending surgery, the Internets are abuzz with the possibility of the Red Sox turning to Barry Bonds to fill Papi’s spot in the lineup. Craig Calcaterra notes that Boston senior advisor Bill James is on the record as being against such a move. […]

The Road to Omaha

Rich Lederer does his usual thorough job in breaking down the NCAA baseball tournament, with analysis of teams, regions and prospects to watch for. I don’t know much about college baseball, so I don’t have much to add, but definitely check this out.

Team defense in Florida

Baseball Crank highlights the defensive turnarounds in Tampa and Florida as a key to their early season successes. Defense is often hard to analyze because it’s hard to quantify and highly subjective, but the numbers support the assertion, for what it’s worth.

Prospects or suspects (Part 2)

Rich Lederer runs down some more slow starting prospects. At this point, it’s probably too soon to draw strong conclusions from stat lines, but it’s nonetheless always great to have more coverage of prospects, especially from sharp baseball minds like Rich’s.

The firing that wasn’t

Brew Crew Ball does a great job of breaking down how the “Ned Yost is fired” story got started. To briefly summarize the great investigative work done there, a reporter for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel read an apparently bogus rumor on a random blog that gets no traffic, and then blogged about it himself on his […]