I, Claudia’s: Some idle thoughts from an idle fellow

About once or twice a week during the baseball season, I spend more time than is decent at Claudia’s in Portland, watching more baseball than is decent while drinking more beers than is decent. Because you’re a sports fan, you’ve very probably been to a bar like Claudia’s. Here’s what it has in it: beer, […]

A few clandestine notes on collegiate summer baseball

The bad thing about being on a honeymoon in small town New England is that a) it’s rather hard to find a dependable internet connection, let alone sit down and watch an entire game with a starting time of 7 pm PDT and b) in the event that you do find yourself, miraculously, in the […]

Ecstatic Truth Pitchf/x: Daniel Bard’s slider

Note to Reader: The following was ghostwritten by German filmmaker and sometime assassin’s target Werner Herzog. Mr. Herzog explains the term “ecstatic truth” here. The Informed Reader is almost definitely aware that, beyond noting the movement and velocity of a pitcher’s stuff, scouts will also sometimes take note of opposing batters’ reactions to certain pitches […]

Observations of questionable import: the Cape Cod League Championship Series

Recently, in these electronic pages, Mr. Adam Guttridge wrote an interesting article about a Florida State League game he’d attended with Kiley McDaniel of Baseball Prospectus. In said piece — itself a picture of journalistic elegance — Guttridge provides sabermetric- and scouting-type analysis of some prospects of interest to the THT reader — in this […]

The sorrow and the pity: a brief reflection on the state of the Royals

Recently, a close friend wrote in re an effort of mine over at RotoSynthesis — a short meditation on the possible fate of newly minted Yinzer Jeff Clement — he wrote: I think one of the best things about fantasy sports is getting over-involved with the careers of fringe major-leaguers. This affords one the unusual […]