10th anniversary: the Steve Bartman Game

Ten years ago was a day of infamy on the North Side of Chicago. It was one of the most famous collapses any team ever had in the postseason, all the more notable because of the team having it—and its dreadful history. There is this team called the Cubs—maybe you’ve heard of them. They haven’t […]

40th anniversary: an ugly World Series game

Forty years ago today, one of the ugliest World Series games of all-time took place. It was an exciting game with lots of drama, but the drama and tension were often caused not by players making great plays, but by guys stumbling and bumbling around the field. In fact, it was so ugly that there […]

10th anniversary: the Don Zimmer-Pedro Martinez fight

10 years ago today, one of the more unlikely and memorable bench clearing brawls happened. On Oct. 11, 2013, aged Yankees coach Don Zimmer charged ace Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez. It went about as well as you’d expect when a 72-year-old tries to fight a professional athlete. It was Game Three of the ALCS […]

10th anniversary: massive Tigers comeback to avoid infamy

10 years ago today, the worst season any team has had in the last 50 years had its greatest moment of joy. 10 years ago today, the 2003 Tigers made a tremendous comeback to ensure they wouldn’t set a new modern record for losses in a season. 120 losses is the modern barrier no team […]

10th anniversary: Carlos Delgado’s four-homer game

Ten years ago today, veteran slugger Carlos Delgado had the game of his life. On Sept. 25, 2003, Delgado became just the 15th player to hit four home runs in one game. On that date, Delgado’s Blue Jays were playing out their string of a season in which they had done okay, though they were […]

25th anniversary: Bizarre hop ruins Stieb’s no-hitter

25 years ago today was a disappointing day for Blue Jays ace Dave Stieb. Well, there were plenty of good things about it. He got the win, and a starting pitcher always likes that. He got a complete game; pitchers take pride in that. He even got a shutout, and that’s a feather in anyone’s […]

30th anniversary: Steve Carlton’s 300th win

Thirty years ago today, one of baseball’s great milestones was achieved. Longtime Phillies ace Steve Carlton joined the 300-win club, becoming just the 16th member of the club. Eleven of the members played the heart of their careers in either the 19th century or the Deadball Era. Walter Johnson became the club’s 10th member in […]

20th anniversary: Nightmare Red Sox loss

Twenty years ago today, the Boston Red Sox suffered a loss from hell. It wasn’t the most important or meaningful loss in franchise history. It isn’t up there with the Bucky Dent or Aaron Boone games. But of all the painful losses in meaningless regular-season games, it was among the most horrible. On Sept. 18, […]

25th anniversary: Tom Browning’s perfect game

Twenty-five years ago, one of the rarest achievements in baseball happened, as someone threw a perfect game. That someone was Reds pitcher Tom Browning, and on Sept. 16, 1988, he retired all 27 batters he faced against the Dodgers. That Browning would achieve perfection against the Dodgers is notable because all they did was win […]

Last time the Pirates had a winning season ….

They finally did it. After sitting on 81 wins for a while, the Pirates finally won No. 82, clinching their first winning season since Barry Bonds and Jim Leyland worked there back in 1992. To put this in perspective, the last time the Pirates had a winning season: The most popular and widely regarded owner […]

40th anniversary: best game by a White Sox batter

40 years ago today, the White Sox had arguably the greatest one-game clutch performance by any batter in franchise history. It would be an argument not based on the game’s overall importance; it was a routine affair without any real pennant race impact. It’s an argument based just on what the guy did in that […]

25th anniversary: Hershiser’s streak begins

25 years ago today, one of the most incredible achievements in baseball history began. On Aug. 30, 2013, Orel Hershiser began his record 59 scoreless inning streak. That streak broke the old record of 58 scoreless innings held by Don Drysdale. While records are broken every year, Drysdale’s mark looked like one of the least […]

10th anniversary: the Brian Giles trade

Today marks the 10th anniversary of a trade featuring several notable players. On Aug. 26, 2003, the Padres and Pirates engaged in a four-player deal that sent Oliver Perez, Jason Bay, and player to be named later (Corey Stewart) to the Pirates in exchange for Brian Giles. Stewart was a minor leaguer who never made […]

10th anniversary: best Tigers batting performance

Ten years ago today, arguably the single greatest one-game clutch performance by any batter in Tigers history occurred. No, it wasn’t clutch in the sense of having any big playoff repercussions. The 2003 Tigers were as far away from the playoffs as you can possibly be: They lost 119 games. No, this is just in […]

110th anniversary: Pirates’ all-time record reaches .500

110 years ago was a landmark day in the history of the Pittsburgh Pirates franchise. On Aug. 22, 1903, their all-time cumulative franchise record hit .500, and it’s been over .500 ever since. On Aug. 22, 1903, the Pirates beat their in-state rivals, the Phillies, 7-4. With that win, the Pirates had 1,409 wins and […]