10th anniversary: Loria officially becomes Marlins owner

10 years ago today, Jeff Loria officially became owner of the Marlins, as major league baseball approved of the sale. Few changes in ownership have garnered as much negative publicity as that one. It was part of a game of musical owners. The Marlins owner went to Boston, Montreal’s owner (Loria) went to Florida, and […]

5,000 days since bizarre ending to Rockies-Angels game

5,000 days ago, the Rockies and Angels played a truly bizarre bottom of the ninth that featured several veterans fielding positions they never played before or since. On June 7, 1998, at Angels Stadium, the Angels jumped out to an early 5-0 lead, only to see the visiting Rockies whittle away at their advantage all […]

20,000 days since Herb Score’s injury

20,000 days ago, a promising young career came to a screeching halt. It was May 7, 1957, and the Cleveland Indians hosted the New York Yankees. On the mound for the home team was Herb Score, one of the brightest young stars in the game. Two years earlier, a then 21-year-old Score had a national […]

20,000 days since Hank Aaron’s worst game

Everyone has their bad days on the job. Everyone has terrible days on the job. Thus it’s no surprise that the best baseball players have absolutely rotten games. And 20,000 days ago, one of the game’s best had maybe his worst game ever It was Hammering Hank Aaron, playing for the Milwaukee Braves against the […]

10,000 days: 500th homer for Mr. October

Ten thousand days ago, Reggie Jackson made a bit of baseball history for himself. On Sept. 17, 1984, the most feared slugger of his generation did something long expected of him, bashing his 500th career home run. It came in the seventh inning off current Padres manager Bud Black. It was the only bad pitch […]

10,000 days since Carlton becomes Phillies win leader

10,000 days ago (a “day-versary” as I call it), Steve Carlton made a bit of history for himself. On Sept. 14, 1984, he pitched 6.2 IP to earn a victory over the Expos. In was his 312th career victory, and more important for today’s item, it was win No. 235 with the Philadelphia Phillies. That […]

30th anniversary: The Ryne Sandberg trade

Thirty years ago today, one of the more one-sided trades of the 1980s occurred. It was one of the worst trades the Phillies ever made, and one of the best trades the Cubs ever made. At the time, the three-player transaction didn’t look like a big deal. If it was at all interesting to people, […]

40th anniversary: Dave Winfield and the NCAA basket-brawl

Forty years ago today, one of the ugliest moments in the history of college basketball occurred. It’s an event that has largely been forgotten and probably would be completely forgotten if it wasn’t for the odd fact that one of the people involved in the ugliness later went on to become a Hall of Fame […]

20,000 days since the Phillies integrate

20,000 days ago, the Phillies belatedly got with the program. On April 22, 1957, in the eighth inning of an otherwise entirely forgettable loss to the Dodgers, Philadelphia inserted a young player name John Kennedy into the game as a pinch runner. Kennedy’s noteworthiness has little to do with the fact he shares a name […]

Career highlights: Orlando Cabrera

A fewdays ago, longtime shortstop Orlando Cabrera announced he’s retiring from baseball after 15 seasons. When news like this happens, it’s natural to look back on a player’s career, and for me that means putting together a list of career highlights. This list includes the greatest and most memorable games Cabrera played in, his personal […]

Craig Counsell career highlights

It wasn’t particularly surprising to hear, but it’s now official. Last week, veteran infielder Craig Counsell decided it was time to call it a career, announcing his retirement. Craig Counsell in action At the very least, he made the most of his talent. Despite a career OPS+ of 79 and never appearing in 110 games […]

10th anniversary: Randy Winn’s greatest shot

Ten years ago, professional baseball player Randy Winn had maybe his best moment in sports. The neat part was, it had nothing to do with baseball. And Winn certainly didn’t expect to do anything memorable. No, he was just going to watch a basketball game in his home town of Los Angeles. He had tickets […]

10,000 days since Buddy Bell walk-off slam

10,000 days ago, one of baseball’s more underrated talents did one of the coolest things a player could do. On Aug. 31, 1984, Buddy Bell belted a walk-off grand slam to cap an impressive rally for his Texas Rangers. On that day, Texas hosted the Milwaukee Brewers, and things didn’t go the home team’s way […]

10th anniversary: Rangers sign Chan Ho Park

Today marks the 10th anniversary of one of the worst free agent signings in baseball history. On Jan. 16, 2002, the Texas Rangers ownership opened up its pocketbooks to give a gaudy five-year, $65 million contract to starting pitcher Chan Ho Park. At the time, it was one of the richest contracts ever given a […]

Me vs. reality: 2012 edition

This year, as is my annual tradition, I predicted how the BBWAA Hall of Fame vote will go. I don’t just say in/out, but give actual predicted percentages. Well, the vote is out, so how did I do? Let’s see. Below is a chart comparing the actual BBWAA vote totals versus my predictions for the […]

Barry Larkin career highlights

The news came down earlier today. As predicted here at THT, Barry Larkin is the newest member of the Hall of Fame. In honor of that grand honor, it’s only fitting to spend some time looking back at the career that got him into Cooperstown. The list below contains many of Larkin’s most memorable moments. […]