10th anniversary: Seattle’s all-time franchise record crests

Ten years ago today marked a franchise milestone of sorts for the Seattle Mariners. On that day, the M’s won a game that was important for two reasons. On Aug. 19, 2003, the Mariners thrashed the Toronto Blue Jays, 9-1. That easy win was the 2,000th win in franchise history. That’s nice. It gave the […]

30th anniversary: Pine Tar Game finally ends

Thirty years ago today, one of the strangest games of all-time came to an end. It had begun long before, just one reason it was so strange. This was an iconic game that an entire generation of baseball fans can recall. It was the Pine Tar Game that recorded its last out 30 years ago […]

10th anniversary: Jack Cust’s face plant

10 years ago today, one of the most comically incompetent plays of the 21st century happened. It’s the game that made Jack Cust infamous. For years, Jack Cust was a sabermetric darling. At 19, he tore up Rookie ball, hitting .345 with power and 86 walks in just 73 games. From 1999-2002, he kept raising […]

15,000 days since Yaz’s walk-off walk

15,000 days ago, long-time Red Sox star Carl Yastrzemski had an trip to the plate like none other in his long career. That’s quite a statement, as Yaz had 13,992 plate appearances, one of the highest totals in baseball history. Still, though, it’s true. For in those 13,992 trips to the dish, Yaz had just […]

Welcome to 1,000 wins, Charlie Manuel

Last night, the Phillies beat Atlanta, 5-1, and in doing so gave a nice little milestone to manager Charlie Manuel. This win marked Manuel’s 1,000 career victory as a baseball field general. He’s the 59th member of the club and one of eight still managing. (Care to guess who the other still-actives are? Give it […]

80th anniversary: Vic Sorrell’s 17-inning win

Eighty years ago, Detroit pitcher Vic Sorrell had the game of his life. After some shaky moments early, he won the 1933 version of the Chicago marathon. It wasn’t a running marathon, but a pitching one—and Vic Sorrell threw a 17-inning complete game to lead the Tigers to victory. Wait, a 17-inning effort? Yowzers—that’s pretty […]

75th anniversary: Connie Mack’s 3,000th win

75 years ago today, longtime A’s manager Connie Mack achieved a milestone that no one had ever achieved before, no one has achieved since—and no one is likely to do in the foreseeable future. On Aug. 12, 1938, Connie Mack notched his 3,000th win as a manager with a 5-4 win over the Yankees in […]

Kevin Brown. Randy Johnson.  Curt Schilling….. and now Dan Haren

Turns out the seventh time is the charm. Friday night, Nationals pitcher Dan Haren took the hill for the seventh time in his career against the Phillies. Unlike the first six times, this time Haren came away with the win, in a 9-2 triumph for Washington. This proved to be a historical win for Haren […]

25th anniversary: The lights go on at Wrigley

25 years ago today, the Chicago Cubs finally entered the 20th century. Over a half-century since night baseball first came to the major leagues and 40 years since all other teams played under the lights, Wrigley Field finally, belatedly hosted its first night game. OK, so the game was rained out. Still, it was the […]

25th anniversary: Tigers reach their all-time peak

25 years ago today, the Tigers posted a milestone win in franchise history. No one knew it at the time, but it was a key moment for the club. On Aug. 6, 1988, the Tigers topped the Red Sox, 4-2. So far, so what. That doesn’t mean much. It was their fourth straight win, and […]

40th anniversary: George Brett debuts

40 years ago today, one of the greatest third baseman in history made his major league debut: longtime Kansas City Royals star George Brett. Drafted as an 18-year-old out of high school, Brett had torn through the minor leagues. To the modern eye, his minor league stats don’t look that impressive, but the 1970s were […]

50th anniversary: Paul Foytack gives up four straight homers

Fifty years ago today, Paul Foytack had his moment of infamy. He did something that no pitcher had ever done before, and no pitcher would ever do again for several decades. And it’s something that no pitcher ever wants to do. On July 31, 1963, Foytack surrendered back-to-back-to-back-to-back home runs. In 1963, Foytack was an […]

40th anniversary: First Rangers no-hitter

When the sun rose 40 years ago today, on July 30, 1973, 20 of the 24 major league teams had ever had a no-hitter. When the day ended, their ranks had risen to 21. On July 30, 1973, the Rangers celebrated the first no-hitter in franchise history, courtesy of the right arm of Jim Bibby. […]

10th anniversary: Bill Mueller’s two slams in one game

Ten years ago today, Red Sox third baseman Bill Mueller had a game for the ages, the sort of game that most men—even most great sluggers—only dream of. On July 29, 2013, Mueller connected for two grand slams in one game, something just 11 people ever had done previously in a major league game. Not […]

20th anniversary: the least likable team ever strikes again

Twenty years ago today marked another low point for arguably the least likable team of all time: the 1993 Mets. This is a club that really made it rough to be a fan. Let’s start with the basics. They lost a lot of games, finishing with a 59-103 record. Well, that’s bad, but that doesn’t […]