Pleading the Fifth—NL Style

The other day over at Fangraphs, R.J. Anderson responded to a quote from Dodgers’ GM Ned Colletti about Colletti’s desire for a legitimate fifth starter. “We’d love to have a bona fide 5th starter,” Colletti stated. Anderson responded by making the case that the Dodgers already have their “bona fide 5th starter” on their roster. […]

Albert, Dusty, and the shift

Last season I, along with many other Cardinals’ fans, noticed that Dusty Baker was one of the few managers to employ an infield shift against Albert Pujols. Under the impression that Pujols has been a hit-to-all-fields hitter since he came up in 2001, many Cards’ fans mocked Baker’s defensive tactics. Baker is, after all, widely […]

2010 Caught Stealing Projections

As we all know, catcher defense is difficult to quantify and probably even more difficult to predict. Nevertheless, one of a catcher’s most important jobs behind the plate is to prevent base runners from swiping bases. Dan Turkenkopf’s article over at Beyond the Boxscore about a month ago projected catchers’ block percentages for the upcoming […]

Master of his domain

Once upon a time, there was a man named Jack. Jack was an ordinary man working for an ordinary beer maker in the upper Midwest when it was decreed by the king that Jack should move westward. “Go west, through Fargo and Butte, Missoula and Coeur d’Alene, and make a left at Spokane,” he was […]

Does anyone see a pattern here?

The tables below reflect twelve free agent signings this off-season. The columns show the respective players’ 2009 WAR, the average annual value of the contracts they’ve signed this off-season (in millions), and the dollars paid to the player per ’09 win. Table 1 Player ’09 WAR AAV $/WAR Player 1 1.7 $6 3.53 Player 2 […]

Holliday signs

After much discussion in the blogosphere and elsewhere, Matt Holliday signed a seven year, $119 million contract to return to the St. Louis Cardinals today. Holliday was courted by the…well, we’re not exactly sure who courted Holliday prior to signing with the Cards. We know that Boston offered Holliday a five year, $82.5 million contract […]

What’s the matter with Johnny?

At the beginning of the offseason, nearly everyone had Johnny Damon pegged for a return to the Bronx. It’s become apparent, however, that the likelihood of his returning to the Yankees is slim to none and slim’s as likely as Milton Bradley Day at Wrigley Field. Ok, so the Yankees have decided, with the prospect […]

Playing chicken with Boras

What do the dates January 13 and January 26 have in common? Those are the dates that Scott Boras clients Carlos Beltran, Derek Lowe (both 1/13), and Alex Rodriguez signed free agent contracts with the Mets, the Braves, and the Rangers, respectively. I mention it because that thumping you hear is the quickening of many […]

The most underrated catchers in the game

except during October. Evaluating catchers is notoriously difficult. Offensively, it’s no different than evaluating other position players so when discussing the best catchers in the game, we tend to look to catchers who are productive at the plate. This is true particularly because so many catchers simply aren’t productive offensively. Thus, we are most aware […]

Christmas Holliday?

Is anyone else having a hard time figuring out the market for Matt Holliday? He’s the top free agent on the market this offseason but teams are being noticeably frugal in their spending. Few teams seem interested in paying anyone the $100 million or more that Scott Boras seems to think Holliday is worth. For […]

Bad contract swap meet

One of the biggest topics at the winter meetings this week is the fate of a number of major leaguers who will likely be on the move because their contracts are albatrosses to their teams’ respective bottom lines. We’ve all heard about the Cubs’ desire to extricate themselves from Milton Bradley and that he may […]

A defensive shift

What do the following 5 players all have in common: Jason Bay, Ken Griffey, Jr., Jermaine Dye, Brad Hawpe, and Adam Dunn? The answer: they were named in Matthew Carruth’s article over at fangraphs as being baseball’s 5 worst defensive players over the last 3 seasons. They are also either free agents this offseason or […]

Ain’t lovin’ Granderson?

This is my first post here at THT after spending a year and a half blogging for my favorite team, the St. Louis Cardinals. It’s good to be on board. With the end of the World Series, every baseball fan’s second favorite pastime is rumor-mongering about who’s heading where and for how much or whom. […]