An aside on Jeter’s defense

Sometimes, you take things for granted. I took for granted that people understood that Derek Jeter isn’t a very good defensive shortstop. And most regular readers of THT, and particularly what I write, are aware of this. Pretty much every advanced fielding metric ever devised thinks that Derek Jeter is a subpar defensive shortstop. This […]

Comfortably numb

Where did you think this was going? Kurt Streeter is outraged at everyone’s lack of outrage over Manny’s PED use: So, sitting here in the press box during the Dodgers’ Saturday win against the Giants, the question comes. Am I, along with the other journalists who are breathing fire about this sordid story, simply out […]

HitTracker makes Baseball Tonight

Very cool. Greg Rybarczyk is one of the smartest people working in sabermetrics today, and now he’s appearing on ESPN: This is simply cool. (Reportedly Nate Silver has descended from his Fortress of Solitude to appear on ESPN as well, but I have no video of that to share with you.)

USA Today Interview with Bryan Tsao

For those of you who aren’t aware, Bryan Tsao is one of the hardworking people behind the scenes here at the Hardball Times, making sure that people like me sound functionally literate when trying to write about Win Shares at 2 am. Well, some well-deserved recognition: he’s been interviewed by USA Today. Congrats, Bryan! And, […]

MRP and the Baseball Economist

Consider this the “Deleted Scene” from this morning’s article on player salaries. It was hard for me to cut it, because it’s really what motivated me to write this set of articles in the first place. But it really didn’t seem to fit in the article – it was a distraction from the larger issues. […]

Updated Player Win Values

Thanks to comments at Tango’s blog, Ballhype and reader e-mails, I’ve made some revisions to the player value spreadsheet I published last week. The highlights: Fixed a bug in the way pitcher replacement level was calculated. (Special thanks to KJOK.) Adjusted the linear weights I was using – I reconciled using the IBB, but excluded […]

A-Rod took steroids?

I’m going to link this without much commentary at this point. SI is claiming that that Alex Rodriguez was one of the players who tested positive in the 2003 survey test of major league baseball players. The test results were supposed to be destroyed, but the Federal government seized them from the testing labs as […]