Calling West Virginia

Hardball Times author Craig Burley will be appearing tonight on Dave Weekley’s show before the Reds-Cards game on 580 WCHS-AM in Charleston, West Virginia. We’ll be talking about the “Importance of Strike One” series and some of my upcoming work. We should be on the air around 7:30pm.

Keep Hope Alive

Unsure as I am about using this space to promote my own writing, I thought I’d let the readers know that I have a new article up at Batter’s Box intended to give hope primarily to Blue Jays fans, but really to the fans of any team that had a down year in 2004. The […]

US, Canada May Be Back in 2005 World Cup

News always seems to travel slowly when it comes to amateur baseball, so a decision last month by IBAF (the governing body for international baseball) escaped my eye until just now. It seems that both the U.S. and Canada will be given a last-minute shot to qualify again for the 2005 World Cup. This is […]

Whither Barry Zito?

I have some brief thoughts on Barry Zito over at Batter’s Box, nothing conclusive in any way but it got me to thinking what THT’s readers think of his chances to bounce back. If anyone who saw a lot of Barry Zito last year has an opinion on his disappointing 2004 and his prospects for […]

World Cup Inches Closer

This past Friday significant progress was made in talks between MLB, NPB (Japan’s professional league) and KBO (South Korea’s professional league) that are aiming to set up a World Cup tournament to be played in 2006. Currently the aim is for a 16-country tournament to be hosted by MLB and the MLBPA. The three parties […]

Congratulations Lions

Congratulations to the Seibu Lions, who won the Japan Series this morning with a 7-2 win over the Chunichi Dragons in Game 7. Takashi Ishii won his second game of the series with six shutout innings; he didn’t give up an earned run in either game he pitched. A five-run third – all the runs […]

The “Safe” Sign

A number of readers wrote in to me following my “Interference” article pointing out that first base umpire Jeff Nelson called A-Rod safe at first after the failed tag by Bronson Arroyo in Game 7 on Wednesday night – despite A-Rod never coming close to touching first base. Initially, I agreed with my correspondents, but […]


Craig takes a look at the controversial call from last night’s eighth inning, and offers some thoughts on the standards of umpiring, honesty, and sportsmanship we saw last night.

That Ol’ First Strike Again

One piece of information that I left out of my “Strike One” articles, and the kind of easy-to-spot thing you can look out for in the playoff games. Pitchers who start out with strike one walk the hitter just 3.9% of the time, while pitchers who start out with ball one walk the hitter 14.2% […]