UZR now available on Fangraphs

Fangraphs keeps getting better and better: Starting today, they are publishing UZR data based on BIS data. The first player I checked was Ichiro, which UZR (which has always been calculated using data from STATS Inc.) has always hated. According to Fangraphs, Ichiro has been +7.3 runs per 150 games in right field throughout his […]

Height and home run rates

I got an e-mail from a reporter today inquiring about changes in home run rates among differently sized players. His question piqued my interest, and I decided to run a simple query, checking on whether players of different heights have seen their home run rates decline by different amounts since the peak of the home […]

Sabermetrics class at MIT on Sunday

For those interested, Mitchel Lichtman (MGL) and I will be teaching a class at MIT focusing on sabermetric analysis of pitching and defense. The class is for high school aged kids, but this one will be open to the public, so anyone who wants to can come. The class will be in room 4-231 (here’s […]

How bad does Clement’s defense have to be?

The Mariners just signed Kenji Johjima to a three-year extension, angering a lot of Mariners fans given that the M’s have catching prospect Jeff Clement waiting in the wings. The one justification I’ve heard for the extension is that there have been a lot of concerns over Clement’s defense, and so a move to first […]

Philosophical Pitch f/x thought of the day

There are two pitchers: One is young, with a hard sinker that he doesn’t control very well; the other is old, with a two-seam fastball he can spot pretty well though of course not perfectly. The young pitcher throws half of his fastballs to the middle of the plate; 50 percent go down the middle […]