Shaun Marcum, WHIP it good

Since 2007, Shaun Marcum has pitched 505.2 innings, going 34-21 with a 3.72 ERA and 1.183 WHIP. Last year he was good for 3.5 Wins Above Replacement after he missed all of the 2009 season recovering from Tommy John surgery. Although he’s not been spectacular, he’s been consistent, and he’s been above average. For those […]

Of Bob Feller and wartime baseball

“When he starts his windup, swing.” Allan Peters was overmatched. What kid wouldn’t be when facing a major league pitcher with a 100 mph fastball? Especially a pitcher who had gone 76-33 with a 2.88 ERA and 7.2 strikeouts per nine innings for the Cleveland Indians during the three seasons Al played for his high […]

Inside the rules: tie goes to the runner

Many baseball fans, and possibly some players and coaches, believe that a baserunner who reaches first at the same time as the ball is safe. Those under that impression often will declare, magisterially and emphatically, that the ‘tie goes to the runner.’ However, that exact phrase doesn’t actually exist anywhere in baseball’s rules. While that […]

Justin Verlander: Pitching on the edge of Cy Young

Last night in Cleveland, Justin Verlander made his final start of 2010. His stuff was outstanding and he located his big curveball for called strikes. He gave up seven hits and ended up allowing four runs in seven innings, but there was something else. Verlander did something in that game that was as impressive as […]

Of Tyler Colvin and maple bats

Recently retired Chicago Cub manager Lou Piniella coined a phrase a couple of years ago: “a Cubby occurrence”. The definition is vague, but he meant to embody certain incidents that seemingly define Chicago Cubs baseball. Often these Cubby occurrences are injuries or mistakes that leave Cub fans shaking their heads and thinking “only us.” Think […]

Sharks circling Samardzija

This article from the Chicago Sun Times reveals two things. Well, technically it reveals one thing that many Chicago Cubs followers already knew, and then it goes back to the well for something that Cubs fans hear around this time most seasons—the desperate hope for good news for next year. First, Gordon Wittenmyer points out […]

Trevor Hoffman versus Arthur Rhodes

On Sept. 7, Trevor Hoffman closed out the St. Louis Cardinals for his 600th career save. Some feel the achievement makes Hoffman a lock for the Hall of Fame and sets a mark for career saves that will fall only when the greatest closer of all time, Mariano Rivera, makes an appearance sometime in early […]