The good face, the halo, and projectability

Not long ago, Ken Funck got it on, and then went on to earn a spot contributing at Baseball Prospectus due in part to his entry in the “BP Idol Contest” about one of the subjective measures that baseball scouts use. While I’m not going down the same avenue Ken chose, I do find myself […]

The young Starlin Castro

Twenty-year-old shortstop Starlin Castro is providing hope amid the Chicago Cubs’ disheartening 2010 season. While the Cubs play out the rest of Lou Piniella‘s last, increasingly lethargic season, Castro continues to live up to his hype after entering the season as the Cubs’ top prospect. He dazzled in his debut by driving in six runs, […]

Delmon Young should never walk

There was a time, back in 2006, when Delmon Young was known as much for his temper as his talent. In April of that year, while in still the minors, he tossed his bat toward an umpire and struck him after disagreeing with a call. He served a 50 game suspension for his actions, starting […]

Adam Dunn may finally be appreciated

Washington Nationals’ first baseman Adam Dunn may be making himself more attractive to other teams. And it really isn’t due to anything he is controlling. While no one disputes Dunn’s power, those who use a more traditional approach in judging a player’s value have often focused on his numerous strikeouts and low batting average to […]