What nobody is talking about

There are plenty of hot topics in baseball today, a sampling of which includes: {exp:list_maker}Justin Upton is killing the ball while his brother, B.J., is getting killed. The Red Sox and Yankees are 1-2 in the American League East, just as God—or at least ESPN—intended it, while the Blue Jays absorbed the Marlins’ big payroll […]

FCC failure

I imagine everyone has seen the video already. If not, here it is. In it, David Ortiz expressed his thanks to the mayor of Boston, the governor of Massachusetts and the city police department for their efforts in the wake of the April 15 bombing. All well said, and I—and everyone else around the country—agree […]

Tough time for NL third sackers

Maybe there’s something going around, but National League third basemen seem to be getting more than their fair share of injuries of late. Fans and fantasy owners probably are a bit panicked right now as this plague spreads. The first wounded third baseman was St. Louis’ David Freese, who landed awkwardly on his tailbone trying […]

The greatest Cardinal is gone

For Cardinals fans of the past 15 years, the greatest player they’ve ever witnessed wearing the birds-on-a-bat jersey obviously is Albert Pujols. For fans such as me who grew up watching Whitey Herzog‘s runnin’ Redbirds, it was Ozzie Smith. A generation before that, it was Bob Gibson or Lou Brock. But the greatest St. Louis […]

A few playoff nuggets

— How have the Tigers and Giants fared against each other in previous postseason encounters? Actually, they’ve never faced one another in the playoffs. Heading into the League Championship Series, this was the only one of the four potential World Series match-ups that never had happened before. The Yankees and (New York and San Francisco) […]