Dee Gordon, invisible man

I’ve been reading Bill Chuck’s for years, and he and I exchange e-mails about his posts from time to time. On Monday, Bill had a post that caught my eye for an odd reason, and I felt obliged to comment. Bill was citing the number of players with 20-plus stolen bases thus far in […]

The “value” of holds

Thursday morning, an Adam Hayes-penned an article appeared here at The Hardball Times regarding relievers and the shortcomings of the mainstream stats used to evaluate them. Thursday evening, the Pirates lost their game against the Brewers to fall below .500 on the year as Pittsburgh continues to do a nifty imitation of last year’s collapse. […]

Nats picked a great time to stink

The Washington Nationals are leading the National League East by percentage points going into Monday’s games. Major League Baseball’s First-Year Player Draft begins Monday. These two events are not unrelated. Two reasons the Nats are (finally) finding success are the contributions of Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper, two of the most hyped draftees in history. […]

Calico Joe and home-field advantage

I’m reading John Grisham’s new book, Calico Joe. As the name, and certainly the book’s cover, indicate, this is not his latest legal thriller. It’s a quick (208-page) piece of baseball fiction for which his publisher has the gall to charge $25. (Thank goodness for libraries.) A full review may be forthcoming, but for now […]

The list, and the wait, grow longer

Dee Gordon hit the first home run of his career Tuesday. Gordon isn’t know for his power; he’s known for his speed. One day he’ll probably tag up from second and score on a pop-up to shortstop. Dee Gordon has more homers this year than Albert Pujols. Jose Tabata homered for the first time this […]

Enough with the blowhard managers

Bobby Valentine, being Bobby Valentine, spouted off about Kevin Youkilis‘ game prep to the Boston Globe‘s Pete Abraham: I don’t think he’s as physically or emotionally into the game as he has been in the past for some reason. Anyone expecting him not to say things like this doesn’t understand Valentine’s M.O. He’s bombastic, confrontational […]

Extremely early awards voting

Sure, it’s only one game (Mariners 3-1 over the A’s in 11 in Tokyo), but a few players already have set themselves apart from the competition, establishing themselves are early front-runners for the American League MVP and Cy Young awards. Here’s a look at the candidates and their credentials. AL MVP 1. Dustin Ackley is […]

On Ryan Madson: Parsing Boras’ comments

Philadelphia general manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. and super-agent Scott Boras are having a skirmish of words regarding the Phillies’ non-signing of closer Ryan Madson. Boras seems to be saying the Phillies reneged on their offer of $44 million over four years, while Amaro says, “there never was an agreement.” Obviously, since Madson is now a […]

2011 A’s vs. 1997 Marlins

In 1997, the Florida (now Miami) Marlins won the World Series, bringing joy and enthusiasm to the team and its fan base. Days later, the destruction of the team began as management shipped off nearly every high-priced veteran it could to save money. The excuse was that the team couldn’t afford such a large payroll […]

Postseason predictions wrap-up

Twenty Hardball Times staffers made their predictions of how the 2011 postseason would play itself out. Some proved prescient, a few less so. Let’s take a look at the rankings to see whose guesses came closest to, and shortest of, perfection. Scoring was based on a 5-3-1 system similar to regular-season awards: If someone picked […]

World Series live blog: Game Seven

Hardball Times copy editor Greg Simons is not one of those people the TV moguls feared would be put off by a Middle America World Series. He’s a lifelong Cardinals fan. As with Games One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six, we asked him to put on his red cap and share his observations as […]