Pop quiz: Ichiro’s batting average

Ichiro Suzuki‘s career Major League Baseball batting average heading into the 2011 season was .331. His best single-season mark was .372 in 2004, and his worst was .303 just a year later. Ichiro has been baseball’s best hitter for average since Tony Gwynn. However, so far in 2011, Ichiro is batting .258. Through May 18, […]

Quiz results: Indians victories

Let’s get straight to the voting results. Indians victories Percentage Fewer than 72 1.4% 72-79 23.6% 80-86 48.6% 87-92 23.6% More than 92 1.4% One cool thing about the results is their perfect symmetry. The exact same (tiny) number of votes came in for the two extremes, and an equal number were cast for the […]

Pop quiz: Indians victories

I wanted to get this pop quiz out there before the Cleveland Indians fall out of first place and THT’s resident Tribe fan, Mat Kovach, performs ritualistic seppuku, so it couldn’t wait for the weekend. A significant slump on Cleveland’s part, accompanied by a surge from Detroit, has resulted in the Indians clinging to a […]

Quiz results: Pujols’ OPS

Maybe Albert Pujols read the pop quiz post Friday, voted for “Over 1050″ and set out to make that a reality. Whatever the reason, he pumped his 2011 OPS up from .746 heading into Friday’s game to .826 following Sunday’s 10th-inning, game-ending, series-sweeping home run. Yes, that’s an 80-point gain in a mere three contests. […]

Pop quiz: Pujols’ OPS

Albert Pujols, the player widely considered baseball’s best over the last several years, is having a season that’s not even close to the top on his own team, let alone throughout the majors. (Of course, if Pujols was having another typical year and was still far from the best player on his team, St. Louis […]

Quiz results: Bautista bombs

Jose Bautista homered “only” once over Memorial Day weekend, but he still has 20 blasts in 55 team games through Tuesday, putting him on pace for 59 long balls on the year. That puts his projection right on the edge of two of the categories we asked you to choose from when speculating how many […]

Pop quiz: Bautista bombs

Heading into the Memorial Day weekend, Jose Bautista has 19 home runs. This is, as everyone knows, on top of the 54 blasts he hit last season, which itself followed a 10-homer outburst in September 2009. (And six of those were in his final eight games.) To say Bautista has been hot the last year […]

Does Jeter 2011 = Ortiz 2010?

In 2010, David Ortiz got off to a horrible start to the season, but he rebounded to have an excellent overall year, launched by a strong game in early May. Could the same thing happen with Derek Jeter this year? Did Sunday’s big day kick-start what could end up being another classic Jeter season? Ortiz […]

Why not panic?

I love Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and its admonition, “Don’t panic!” However, there comes a time when nervousness and anxiety are appropriate reactions. It may be when Vogons are moments away from destroying your planet to make way for an interstellar bypass, or it may be when your favorite baseball team […]

Some people are just imbeciles

This is about as bad as it gets. The victim has “swelling of the brain, a fractured skull, and…a frontal lobe that’s bruised pretty badly.” He’s now in a medically-induced coma. Why? Because he chose to go watch his favorite team play. Yes, he was at the opponent’s stadium. Sure, he was wearing his team’s […]

Worst Opening Day performance ever?

Sure, maybe there have been one or two pitchers surrender double-digit runs in extremely brief outings. Maybe a batter or two has gone 0-for-7 in a 15-inning contest. Maybe a closer (John Axford?) has coughed up a big lead to blow what seemed to be a certain victory. But did anyone’s first-game performance ever fall […]

Edmonds ready to fly again

On Friday, the Cardinals announced they had signed outfielder Jim Edmonds, bringing one of their most high-profile player of the last 15 years back home to roost in St. Louis. Well, maybe. It’s a minor league deal, meaning Edmonds isn’t on the 40-man roster and isn’t guaranteed anything beyond the opportunity in spring training to […]