THT Forecasts – 2012 fantasy price guides

In addition to the Oliver database, reports, projections, and watch lists, THT Forecasts also has a fantasy price guide that you can customize with your league specifications (although note that not all stat categories you can imagine are present yet; we’ll work on that!). Also, the fantasy price guides are updated as the season progresses […]

THT Forecasts – 2012 Oliver projected-WAR starting lineup

Using the 2012 Oliver database, here is the top-projected-WAR starting lineup: Pos Player 2012 Projected WAR P Yu Darvish 7.0 (Wow!) C Joe Mauer 3.5 1B Albert Pujols 5.5 2B Robinson Cano 4.5 3B Evan Longoria 4.6 SS Troy Tulowitzki 5.6 LF Ryan Braun* 4.6 CF Matt Kemp 4.9 RFl Jose Bautista 3.9 —– 44.1 […]

THT Forecasts: Players’ comments…rollout!

From now until the middle of February, THT Forecasts will be adding commentary (analysis, opinion, information) to at least a thousand players’ cards. We’ve thus far made available commentary for ~40 players on both the Red Sox and Athletics. We will also post announcements in the near future regarding features added to Forecasts (hopefully including […]

THT Forecasts: 2012 subscriptions sign-up now available!

THT Forecasts is now ready for the 2012 season, with Brian Cartwright’s Oliver database providing over 9000 projections for major and minor leaguers. Visit Forecasts today to learn more and sign up for only $14.95! Throughout the 2011-2012 offseason, THT Forecasts will be at least (1) adding more data (fielding stats!) to the player pages, […]

THT Forecasts: second half subscription just $7.50

Greetings from THT Forecasts! First, I want to inform our subscribers that the THT Forecasts database was updated yesterday, July 11. Brian and Bryan have been working hard all summer to have the database updated every Monday/Tuesday during the season, while our depth charters also regularly update teams’ playing time projections. The latter is reflected […]

THT Forecasts – Derek Jeter – Long-Term Forecast

Greetings from THT Forecasts! Today’s topics are Derek Jeter and long-term forecasting. In addition to forecasting the current season, THT Forecasts also provides six-year major-league equivalent forecasts that are presented on each player’s page. These long-term forecasts are available even for minor league guys — for example, future Anaheim centerfielder, Mike Trout, is projected to […]

THT Forecasts – WAR – Pre-season Forecast vs. Current Full-year Forecast

Greetings from THT Forecasts. I hope your fantasy teams — no doubt constructed with the aid of THT Forecasts! — and favorite MLB teams are doing well. Since THT Forecasts is updated weekly by Brian and Bryan, I decided to quickly and easily compare Wins Above Replacement (WAR) for position players between (1) their pre-season […]

THT Forecasts – Server Issue

Forecasts is experiencing technical difficulties. The THT site was moved to a new server last night with the hope of better service; it unexpectedly caused problems with Forecasts. We are investigating the issue, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. UPDATE – The issue has been resolved. Forecasts is alive!

THT Forecasts – Technical Difficulties

Forecasts experienced technical difficulties yesterday, and as a result, the Forecasts site was unavailable for several hours. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

THT Daily: Liriano Out For Season

That’s the lowlight. The highlights: Gary Matthews Jr., Texas Ranger, hits for the cycle, the Padres crush the Reds, and L.A.’s Brad Penny becomes NL’s first 16-game winner.

THT Daily: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Sanchez, Ross, and Ugga, each only $327K for the season, power the Marlins past the Mets, maintaining Florida’s unbelievable Wild Card contention. Oh, and The Big Hurt homers in his 6th consecutive game for the Athletics.

THT Daily: Rookie Nights

Anibal Sanchez throws a no-hitter for the Marlins, while San Diego’s Paul McAnulty’s 1st career HR is a game-winner in the 11th. Rookies.