Humber’s slider fascination

In a mostly selfish act, I decided to post this collection of Philip Humber charts. Why is this selfish? This will be easy to find here and refer to while at the game with some other Hardball Times folks. I just finished classifying his pitches so I can sound all smart and stuff at the […]

Lance Lynn debuts for St. Louis

He gave up some runs and took the loss, but Lance Lynn’s debut for the Cardinals was actually pretty good. Working into the sixth inning, Lynn didn’t walk a single Giant, hit one with a pitch and allowed four base hits. Everyone who reached base scored. Digging into the game story reveals just how good […]

Marmol worries

As a dedicated Carlos Marmol watcher, I’ve been biting my tongue about something. But I can’t any more. Something’s wrong. Take a look at the speed of every fastball Marmol has thrown since 2007 (based on my own pitch classifications). He’s had dips, but nothing like this. This doesn’t even include last night, and he […]

Broxton’s dip

Ken Gurnick of tweeted an rather unsurprising update on the condition of Jonathan Broxton‘s right elbow this week: Jonathon Broxton has been shut down with elbow pain, Don Mattingly said. Gurnick’s tweet was about as rich and informative as the eggatar he uses on twitter. I guess anyone paying attention saw this coming. Check […]

Chapman fine and dandy

Just a few days ago, Aroldis Chapman’s declining velocity was raising concern and drawing attention. The hope was Chapman was merely fatigued, the result of working four nights out of five. The fear was the Cuban southpaw was hurt. Sounds like hope trumped fear in this case. Chapman took the mound on Monday night and […]

Concern over Chapman’s velocity

Don’t blame Dusty Baker, but Aroldis Chapman seems to be injured. His electric fastball has dropped in velocity over his two most recent outings, with last night’s appearance maxing out below the normal minimum of his fastball range. Going back to the 2009 World Baseball Classic, you can see just how much drop-off there has […]

When did Mat Latos get hurt?

While watching the most recent Mat Latos outing, Dick Enberg and Mark “Mud” Grant remarked about not having pitch speeds available during spring training games. They had a bit of concern, or question, about Latos and his spring struggles. Two things popped into my mind. First, they’re sitting in Peoria, Ariz., home of one of […]

Neftali’s new pitch

Neftali Feliz debuted his cutter during Cactus League play on Wednesday. While Jeff Passan is convinced Feliz is best suited for starting, it may be a bit premature to declare the Texas closer a full-blown four-pitch pitcher. This is a new pitch, and scouts generally don’t laud his secondary stuff. Still, this moves Feliz into […]

Ripples from Wainwright

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting some bad news for Cardinal fans, and fans of pitching in general—Adam Wainwright appears to have injured his right elbow. General manager John Mozeliak said he believes it is a “significant injury” and the early word is “not encouraging.” This isn’t the first time Wainwright has had elbow problems, […]

Baseball didn’t suck in 2010

The legendary Frank Deford checks in with an essay (listen or read) for NPR’s Morning Edition. The fact is, though, that (a) 2010 was a lousy sports year overall, (b) a really terrible sports year for the United States, and (c) 2011 looks like even more of a bummer. Mr. Deford continues to list the […]

Fresh fish for the bullpen

The Marlins made two moves over the past few days, sending Andrew Miller to Boston for Dustin Richardson and Cameron Maybin to San Diego for two more pitchers The Maybin move made more headlines and netted two intriguing arms for Florida in Ryan Webb and Edward Mujica. Miami will be Mujica’s third destination, having started […]

Did the Braves have a cow over Kawakami?

The Atlanta Braves have outrighted right-handed pitcher Kenshin Kawakami to Double-A Mississippi. Were Kawakami’s 7-12 record and 3.86 ERA “good enough” for the Braves in 2009? Clearly, they’ve blanched at his 1-10, 5.15 line from 2010. But is that a reasonable response? As MLBTR points out, Kawakami’s 2010 peripherals were very close to the line […]