The Chapman saga has deeper meaning

There has been a lot of talk about Aroldis Chapman lately after Paul Dougherty wrote that the Reds intended to move him to the bullpen. No one else confirmed what Dougherty’s unnamed source told him and the announcement certainly hasn’t come down (Reds brass denied there was even anything to announce), so there’s still a […]

Should voters give extra credit?

We’ve all been thinking about the Hall of Fame a lot lately. In fact, this is my second such post in as many days, but I have an idea that I think is worth considering. It grows out of a Rob Neyer post where he mentions not wanting to support a player who would not […]

Why does character matter now?

This week’s Hall of Fame result wasn’t totally unexpected, but for many of us, it was frustrating nonetheless. The primary question that everyone has been wrestling with lately is, “what, exactly, is the Hall of Fame supposed to be?” Let me explain. Since basically forever, the Hall of Fame has been a place to enshrine […]