A PrOPS Tweak

In the latest round of PrOPS (NL, AL) I have made a small change. Washington has been such an extreme pitchers park this year that I had to make an in-season adjustment. So, the numbers for the Nationals have been updated to reflect this, giving the players a boost in their PrOPS.

PrOPS Again

I want to thank the many readers who sent me their comments on PrOPS. In response to these suggestions, I made two changes when I recalculated the metric. – I controlled for the speed of the players using speed scores. – I broke the metric out into three predictive components (PrAVE, PrOBP, and PrSLG). To […]

Introducing PrOPS

While there is no such thing as a perfect metric to evaluate how well a player is playing absent luck, J.C. thinks there may be a way to get a better grasp on how well players are performing than just relying on the standard raw statistics.

Quantifying the Market Size Advantage in MLB

JC examines the relationship between the size of a team’s market and its ability to win games.