Rehab assignments for minor leaguers

I always find it entertaining that minor leaguers go on rehab assignments. For instance, before returning to Triple-A Buffalo this week, Mike Hessman played a single game with the GCL Mets. That’s fairly common for players in the high minors. These rehabs don’t have exactly the same rationale as rehab assignments for major leaguers. For […]

Bengie Molina and the cycle

Yesterday, Bengie Molina hit for the cycle. Yep, you can pick your jaw up off the ground now. The very idea of Molina hitting for a cycle is crazy enough, but it goes further. First, his home run was a grand slam. That’s only the eighth time in baseball history a player has hit for […]

Advanced pro debuts

Most players make their pro debut in rookie ball, and most of those who don’t being their careers in short-season A. Of course, there are exceptions—most notably this year, Stephen Strasburg (opened in Double-A), Aroldis Chapman (started in Triple-A), and Mike Leake (no full-season minors at all). No member of the 2010 draft class is […]

The value of situational hitting

On the occasion of Sean Forman adding Clutch to, Tango notes some of the best and worst career numbers. It’s clear from the leaderboard that contact hitters tend to do well (Nellie Fox is at the top of the list!) and power hitters generally don’t. (With a stat named “Clutch,” things can get confusing. […]

Does every *seller* get one representative?

Yesterday’s Cliff Lee trade raised the prospect of an interesting dilemma for Major League Baseball. All-Star Game rosters are devised with the requirement that each team (even the Orioles) gets one representative. Lee is an all-star; when rosters were selected, he was a Mariner, and now he’s a Ranger. Now, the dilemma isn’t immediate. We […]

2010 MLB Draft by the numbers

For most fans, it’s easy to lose interest in the draft after the few couple of rounds. For the geekier of us, there are 1500 new players to analyze! A good starting point is to look at the overall trends of the draft. Not every team takes the same approach. Even the same front office […]

Angel Salome: Not a catcher; not getting any taller

Brewers catching prospect Angel Salome is apparently “no longer comfortable” behind the plate. That’s bad news for any young backstop, but it’s particularly bad for Salome. Granted, there have been question marks about Salome’s receiving skills from day one. The last two years, he has failed to throw out more than a quarter of would-be […]

Supplemental round draft recap

This draft is going to make some teams look really smart. Since it’s a relatively weak class, there’s not a lot of differentiation once you get past the top five or ten guys. Some players got into the top 20 by surprise; others dropped into the supplemental round or beyond even though teams were on […]

First round draft recap

Here are immediate reactions to some of the 32 players taken in the first round tonight. Keep in mind that I spend all my time studying the college guys, so I’m not going to pretend I have anything to say about the prepsters. 1. Bryce Harper – Nats. Obviously no surprise here, except that he […]