Quality start streaks

Last night, Bronson Arroyo threw his 13th straight quality start. Pretty impressive, huh? One quality start is a middling achievement, but 13 in a row usually means you are regularly beating the 6 IP, 3 ER baseline. For instance, Arroyo has posted a 1.91 ERA during his stretch. So, how impressive is it? It’s the […]

Disco Hayes theorizes

If you’re like me, you rarely click on links to MLB and minor league player blogs. Even in the cases where the players write for themselves, entries are often nothing more than longer versions of your typical post-game interview boilerplate. Not so with Royals prospect Disco Hayes. (Not everyone would categorize Hayes as a “prospect,” […]

Cespedes, De La Cruz, and pray for a better rhyme

I’ve written a couple times in this space about Felix Cespedes, a pitcher for the DSL Phillies. Based on his recent performances, I think he could outduel Patrick Schuster and Austin Wood simultaneously. Cespedes’s real competition is coming from his own teammate, Daniel De La Cruz. Yesterday, De La Cruz threw a no-hitter, walking none […]

How old is your Double-A team?

In my article earlier this week, I looked at the age distributions of 2009 Triple-A teams. It was easy enough to generate a similar report for 2009 Double-A teams, so here it is. I’ve included the average age of the organization’s Triple-A affiliate in the rightmost column. Org Team Average Median

W: Felix Cespedes

Last week, Felix Cespedes, an 18-year-old pitcher for the DSL Phillies, threw nine perfect innings, striking out 14. For that, he got a no-decision, leaving him at 0-4 on the season. As I noted last week, Cespedes has been dealing all season, but the run support just hasn’t been there. Finally, after another fantastic outing, […]

Midseason TotalZone Minors

In February, Sean (“Chone”) Smith applied his TotalZone defensive metric to the last few years of minor league data. The resulting numbers confirmed some opinions, questioned some conventional wisdom, and helped us better understand the relationship between fielding at various levels of professional baseball. Sean or I will probably go further in depth when the […]

Claudio Vargas, really?

The trade deadline is one of the most exciting parts of the season. The reason I enjoy it so much is that there is so much to analyze, so much to think about. How good are the Red Sox if they land Adrian Gonzalez? Does George Sherill have a marked effect on the Dodgers chances […]

Watch out, Mark Buehrle

Yesterday, when Mark Buehrle retired a mere 15 consecutive batters, a younger pitcher one-upped him in a major way. Pitching for the DSL Phillies, Felix Cespedes would have thrown a perfect game of his own, except his offense didn’t cooperate. He retired all 27 batters he faced, finally giving way to a reliever in a […]

The (Cape League) replacement players

Typically, if we’re talking about college players in June, it’s because of the draft. But much of the fun of college baseball is in the endless stock of underdog stories, and many of those guys never hear their name called. The Cape Cod Chronicle has a fantastic feature on Cape Cod League replacement players—the guys […]

College World Series odds: Championships

Only two teams remain, and no later than Wednesday night, we’ll have our 2009 NCAA Division I baseball champion. Both Texas and LSU blew through their bracket undefeated and will begin a three-game series tonight. As you may have noticed if you’ve been following the odds reports since the beginning of the tournament, the margins […]

College World Series odds: Omaha day 7

We’re down to the final four. Last night, Arizona State eliminated North Carolina, setting both of the matchups for today’s (and possibly tomorrow’s) games. Texas and LSU are undefeated, meaning that their opponent will have to beat them twice to advance to the championship, but they only have to win one. As you can tell […]

College World Series odds: Omaha day 6

Last night, it took 12 innings to decide whether Arkansas or Virginia would be sent home. The Cavaliers had a 3-1 lead after eight, but a two-out, two-run home run evened the score. After the Razorbacks put a run on the board in the top of the 12th, Virginia’s Steven Proscia led off with a […]