2010: If we still had pennant races

Let’s take a gander at how good the “pennant races,” 1969-93 style, would look this year. Obviously the schedules would be slightly different, but the impact of the unbalanced schedule is generally much less than most think anyway. The Yankees and Devil Rays would be neck and neck with no safety net. 1993 Braves-Giants or […]

Wind Patterns Impacting Yankee Stadium?

Interesting article from Accu-weather that could explain the home run barrage this weekend in the Bronx. I realize it’s just a 4-game sample, but at the same point, Bill James used to talk about ‘signature significance’. Most HR ever in a first series at a new ballpark would seem like a situation where that might […]

New Yankee Stadium

I wasn’t able to see the exhibition games with Chicago two weeks ago, so today is my first time seeing New Yankee Stadium in game action. I have to say that I am very impressed. It essentially looks like the same place. Heck the difference between “Renovated Yankee Stadium” and “New Yankee Stadium” is much […]

The Anibal

I’m pretty psyched, as later today I’m going to see The Anibal. No, it’s not a new movie starring Jesse Ventura and the guy Drago killed. He’s Anibal Sanchez, probably the best pitching prospect you’ve never heard of. He currently pitches for the Wilmington Blue Rocks, but that’s just a temporary stop on the way […]

Running on Fumes

Because I have nothing better to do (actually, I have plenty better to do, but I love to procrastinate) I plugged pitch counts for every single pitcher in the Yankees/Red Sox series into Diamond Mind to see who is tired. You would probably think that after last night’s relatively easy night on the bullpens, several […]

This Can’t be Happening

I’m driving to work tonight, and I throw the Yankee game on the radio. 880 out of NYC doesn’t come in great between Leesburg, VA and Martinsburg, WV; but through the crackles, I hear Enrique Wilson is leading off tonight due to Derek Jeter’s ‘stomach virus’ (how many of those do you think Mickey Mantle […]