One sport that has the greatest-ever debate sewn up …

How many column inches each year are dedicated to analysing who the greatest baseball player is? Thousands. Flick through any recent Hardball Times Annual and I guarantee that you’ll see at least two articles on the issue. Peruse this site and no doubt you’ll find many more. The problem is that cross era comparisons are […]

The Rangers win the Teixeira trade

As a Braves fan I was deeply concerned when among the cadre of prospects traded to bring Mark Teixeira to Turner Field was Neftali Feliz. At the time Feliz was a 19 year old flame thrower with a toasty fastball but suspect command. However, he had that whiff of something special about him. And although […]

Will the Red Sox win the AL East?

I’m playing around with a playoff odds calculator that I’ve created in excel — all will be divulged in an upcoming article. Anyway, to test drive my calculator I thought I’d take a quick look at the AL East. As of yesterday the standings were: American League East Pwins Diff NYA 72 43 .626 0.0 […]