Measuring catcher defense

Here is a thoughtful read by Brian Joseph of Baseball Digest Daily. Brian’s top 5 among full-timers: Yadier Molina, Ryan Hanigan, Gerald Laird, Omir Santos, and Ramon Hernandez. His bottom 5: Jason Varitek, Josh Bard, Nick Hundley, Jorge Posada, and (last) Mike Napoli.

HEATER: Now with LIPS!

The weekend issue of Heater is up. This week, we have augmented the pitcher pages with LIPS (Luck-Independent Pitching Stats), a form of Expected ERA invented by David Gassko that considers all types of batted balls (not merely GB/FB/LD but down to the level of infield vs. outfield flies and bunts) and all manner of […]

HEATER: Week 7

For THT subscribers, the latest issue of Heater is up! We have made an upgrade to the hitter pages: For each hitter, we now show the rank of his OPS—both his season-to-date OPS and “True Talent” OPS—among the players at his position in his league. This ranking not only draws your attention to candidates for […]

HEATER: Week 6

For THT subscribers, the latest issue of Heater is up, featuring a new “LABR Diary” by Derek Carty (currently in first place!), a slew of new names on the Minors page, and all the usual goodies for tracking your favorite teams (real or fantasy).

HEATER: Weekend Supplement

For THT subscribers, the 30-page weekend issue of Heater has been posted, with updated stats, match-ups, and projections, as well as the latest version of Wheelhouse. Happy reading!