The Mets are hitting the wrong way

This morning I read in the Daily News that the Mets in 2009 had fallen under the spell of Tony Bernazard and this opposite-field hitting philosophy. “This is nuts,” I thought as I sipped my cappuccino. “I’ll post a THT Live on this later.” As it happens, as it always happens, somebody beat me to […]

Incredibly, more on double plays

I didn’t think it was possible, but after writing more than most people would ever want to know about batters hitting into double plays, a few intrepid readers asked for more. Specifically, they wanted to see the all-time best and worst batters at avoiding the GDP, ranked not by total double plays avoided, but by […]

Outfield Arm Stats Updated

We have recently updated our outfield arm stats through the 2008 season. Actually, it’s more than an update, it’s a true upgrade, since we now estimate park effects on outfield throwing. See here for our discussion of outfield throwing this past season. That piece has results for many outfielders, but now you can check out […]

A Smart Guy on PITCHf/x

Alan Nathan is a professor of physics at the University of Illinois. His greatest contributions to society, however, are his studies of the physics of baseball, especially his work with the PITCHf/x data. Cory Schwartz of recently sat down with Alan to talk about the professor’s recent SABR38 presentation on PITCHf/x, which featured the […]