Outfield Arms Stats

Here at the Hardball Times, we have analyzed Retrosheet data to evaluate outfield throwing and we publish our results from time to time on the site. For example, you can read about our evaluation of outfield arms in 2007 here. Now, thanks to technical wiz Bryan Donovan, these outfield arms stats are available in our […]

More outfield arms results

After my recent article ranking outfield arms in 2007, I got several requests for a spreadsheet containing the results for all players, not just the full-time players that were mentioned in the article. A couple people asked for data going back a few years, as well. So, I’ve put together a file that you can […]

The Most Feared Hitter in Baseball

One thing I keep reading regarding the Hall of Fame candidacy of Jim Rice is that he was widely regarded as the dominant hitter in baseball, or “The Most Feared Hitter in the Game” for most of his career, 1975-1986. One way of measuring how feared he was might be to look at how many […]

The eye of the umpire

John investigates the accuracy of umpires’ eyes. He employs a million-dollar pitch-tracking system instead of an eye-chart.

In Search of the Sinker

John shows how you can identify different pitch types using data from MLB’s Enhanced Gameday. He then digs deeper into the sinker and wonders how anybody can throw the pitch.