The write-in candidates for Stock Watch 2010

Wednesday, I wrote about the ten players I’m keeping a close eye on this season. Or, rather, the first eight. In the spirit of creating this list in a way that enables us to follow along together, I opened up the last two spots for commenters’ nominations. The original eight were: 1. Manny Ramirez 2. […]

The Twins will spend over $100 million on players in 2010

The Minnesota Twins, on death’s doorstop just a few years ago, will spend more on player salaries this upcoming season than the Los Angeles Dodgers, baseball’s attendance leader in 2009. After signing Orlando Hudson, the Twins’ payroll projects to be $96 million on opening day, and that number doesn’t account for whatever amount will be […]

Why would Pujols strike a deal now?

Over at Circling the Bases, Craig Calcaterra speculates on negotiations between Albert Pujols and the St. Louis Cardinals. I just don’t understand why. I suppose negotiating an extension this offseason makes some sense; it would probably be Albert’s last giant contract, and getting it inked soon mitigates the risk of catastrophic injury. Also, it gives […]

Discussion: What makes sense for Joe Mauer and the Twins?

It would be a massive upset if Joe Mauer and the Twins can’t reach an agreement that keeps him in Minnesota for years to come. It would be a blow to the team as it opens a publicly-funded stadium built with Mauer in mind. It would be a blow to a sports community fraught with […]

On Rick Ankiel and Dayton Moore

Rick Ankiel‘s an odd duck, and not in the Long Island sort of way. While it wouldn’t surprise me if he eventually latched on with the famed Atlantic League outfit, Ankiel can thank Scott Boras for finding him an even zanier huckleberry: Dayton Moore. Coming off a 0.1 WAR age-29 season, Ankiel will earn $3.25 […]

Jonathan Papelbon calls a spade a spade, but what if it’s not?

Jonathan Papelbon wants what he’s got coming. The Red Sox closer told ESPN Boston‘s Gordon Edes: I’m not afraid to show that, hey, I want to be with the Red Sox [in a multiyear deal]. I’d love to have that sense of security of being with a team and knowing, ‘Hey, they want me, and […]

Matt Kemp’s Comparables

As Ken Gurnick reports, the Dodgers and Matt Kemp don’t seem all that close on the concept of an extension. In the article, Kemp’s agent Dave Stewart (yeah, that one), told Gurnick that Kemp has an early record similar to those of Carlos Beltran and Andruw Jones. The Jones comp works, but it’s not perfect; […]