Pimp my wOBA

And with that, I have fulfilled my pop culture reference quota for the year. Steve Slowinski of FanGraphs wrote a nice piece on wOBA the other day, comparing it to OPS. In the comments section, reader Andy posted the following question: Why are strikeouts not included in wOBA? i would imagine that they have more […]

Moving Michael Young

When the Texas Rangers signed free agent third baseman Adrian Beltre to a five-year, $80 million contract, it became apparent that incumbent third baseman Michael Young’s role would be diminished to that of a utility infielder, a first baseman or a designated hitter. As it stands, it looks as though Young will spend most of […]

A quick word on Mark Reynolds and strikeouts

Steve Melewski of MASN wrote a nice article on Mark Reynolds yesterday, noting that the powerful corner infielder is looking to cut down on his hefty strikeout rate—that if he could “strike out 25 or 30 less times a year and put more balls in play, I could have a chance at a better average, […]

Catcher Defense 2010

Estimating a player’s defensive value is quite difficult. I know, I know—duh. BUT, I would venture to say that it’s a tad bit easier to estimate a catcher’s defensive value compared to other positions. At least, most of it. There are, of course, certain aspects of a catcher’s impact behind the plate that we can […]

wOBA Calculator

I’m a big fan of Weighted On-Base Average, or wOBA. And if you love baseball statistics, chances are pretty good that you’ve heard of it, or have used it before. But how do you calculate those darn coefficients? Well, you can get there in about five steps: 1. Find the run value of each event […]

How Much Should Joey Votto Make in 2011?

Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto is having a pretty good year. Okay, well…maybe that’s a bit of an understatement. The 26-year-old (soon to be 27) first baseman is hitting .326/.423/.603 with 31 homers and a 13.0% unintentional walk rate. His .440 wOBA is currently tops in the National League and his home run per […]

Pitchers’ wOBA Against, 2010

Batting Average Against is commonly cited in mainstream analysis as an indicator of how hard a pitcher has been hit. This is blatantly incorrect, of course, as batting average treats all hit types the same- so a pitcher that has allowed predominantly singles is seen as more or less the same as a pitcher who […]

Rangers acquire Molina; Giants fans rejoice

The San Francisco Giants dealt veteran catcher Bengie Molina to the Texas Rangers Wednesday for 28-year-old reliever Chris Ray and a player to be named later. Molina, 35, was hitting a paltry .257/.312/.332 in 221 plate appearances for a .284 wOBA. Ray is currently sporting a 3.41 ERA for the Rangers in 31.2 innings pitched. […]

Out With the Old UZR, in With the New

Boy, FanGraphs just keeps getting better and better. If you haven’t heard already, they’ve not only brought in some 2009 UZR data but they’ve revamped the metric a bit. Notable changes include improved park factors (generally speaking, the more data the better- and now there are more adjustments for the “quirky” aspects of parks, like […]

A Quick Comparison of UZR and Plus/Minus

FanGraphs has now added the Plus/Minus system into their already impressive array of baseball metrics, making their site even more impressive. Now that it’s freely accessible, we can export the data rather easily and dissect it as we please. So, let’s cut it up a bit and take a look at how it compares to […]

The Praise of Folly

One of the things I like about being a student is that I have access to a seemingly unlimited amount of classical texts, and every once in a while I’ll stumble across a gem of a quote that really catches my attention. Very rarely, however, do I find the quote applicable to baseball. I was […]

Escape Artist or Rally Killer?

One of the first things we learn about baseball is that outs are bad. Why? Well, it limits your team’s chances of scoring more runs. By this logic, then, making two outs at once is substantially worse. Three outs? You’re a one-man wrecking crew. Triple plays are pretty rare (unless you’re Brooks Robinson) , whereas […]