Visual Baseball:  What does an 0-6 start mean for Boston?

Here’s a visual of all teams that started 0-6 since 1900, measuring a rolling average of games over .500. Only two teams—the ’74 Pirates and the ’95 Reds—made the playoffs. The Sox will have some history to make if they’re to fulfill their preseason hype. Then again, they’ve gotten pretty good at defying the odds […]

Visual baseball: visualizing game score

Here’s a way to visualize a pitcher’s season using Bill James’ Game Score stat. I found that shapes were more revealing than a simple line graph and I was able to spot patterns more easily. Here are a few pitchers from 2010: Roy Halladay: I was struck by the weirdly repeatable pattern he had in […]

Visual Baseball:  Blyleven vs. (dare I say) Koufax?

I’m fascinated by Hall of Fame debates. And I admit that using Rankometer is only one tool to assess a player’s Hall of Fame candidacy. Then again, I think a good way to decide if someone was a Hall of Famer is to look at how he compared to the elite at his position, in […]

Visual Baseball: a look (again) at Andy Pettite and the HOF

Hi there. I discovered a glitch in the data I used for the career pitching Rankometers I posted last week. Pitchers who had been traded midseason had their WAR split into two and were not showing in the rankings. I’ve made these corrections and wanted to re-post. Just to remind you of how this works, […]

Visual Baseball:  Is Andy Pettitte a Hall of Famer?

Hi there. I’m back after a prolonged offseason hibernation. Over the last several months there’s been a fair amount of the annual “Is he a Hall of Famer” debate. There’s the “the numbers tell me” argument, which tends to help players like Bert Blyleven. And there’s the “my eyes tell me” argument, which tends to […]

Visual Baseball:  Score Tracker compares the Giants and Rangers

Here’s a look at the Giants and Rangers, using Score Tracker to compare their wins and losses in the 2010 postseason. Like everything in Texas, the Rangers have done everything big, with only one game decided by two runs or fewer. In contrast, the Giants have been anything but Giant, taking more of a “conservationist” […]

Visual Baseball: OCTOBOMETER and the Yankees lineup

Here’s a look at the New York Yankees batting order, comparing regular season OPS with postseason OPS. Cano and Granderson have stepped up, while a parade of Yankees (led by A-Rod) has shrunk from the limelight.

Visual Baseball:  The Giants’ starters, courtesy of Paintomatic

Here’s a look at the San Francisco Giants’ starting three for this series. It’s unclear why the Giants flipped Matt Cain and Jonathan Sanchez, but after looking at Paintomatic it does make some sense. For the most part, Tim Lincecum and Cain throw the same pitches, at roughly the same velocity and with similar frequency.

Visual Baseball: “Winnesota”

Here’s a look at what the New York Yankees have done to the Minnesota Twins in their last four postseason series. Ugly, to say the least…unless you’re a Yankee fan. NOTE: circle sizes have been adjusted to more accurately reflect the scoring…