Visual Baseball:  Yankees-Twins CASHCLOUD

I know this is the time of year when we put salaries and contracts aside and just play some ball, but I can’t let it rest. Until baseball corrects the vast payroll disparities between teams, I’m going to keep making CASHCLOUDS. And probably for a long time!

Visual Baseball:  Giants and Braves AfterGlow

Today’s installment of AfterGlow features the remaining NL playoff contenders, the Giants and Braves. The Giants have spent the last year in the “all pitching, no hitting” quadrant of AfterGlow, and in 2010 they came close to finally busting out.

Visual Baseball:  Rangers and Twins AfterGlow

Today’s installment of AfterGlow features the remaining AL playoff contenders, the Rangers and Twins. The Rangers have come a long way since 2008, with major improvements in pitching and returning to where they were in 2006. (Note: some of the ranking data I used for these visuals is a few days old and some of […]

Visual Baseball:  Phillies and Reds AfterGlow

Today’s installment of AfterGlow features two of the NL’s playoff contenders, the Phillies and Reds. What I find most interesting about the Phillies AfterGlow is that they are so good they even found a way to have their five-year trajectory spell a “P.”

Visual Baseball:  Rays and Yankees AfterGlow

As promised, here’s the first of some daily doses of AfterGlow. Let’s start by previewing two of the AL’s playoff contenders, the Yankees and Rays. Both teams find themselves in a very similar place but have gotten there in very different ways. The Rays have had a dramatic rise to prominence, with sweeping improvements in […]

Visual Baseball:  Introducing AfterGlow

Happy Friday. Here’s a new visual that I’d like to take for a spin today. It’s pretty simple, plotting a team’s trajectory over the last five seasons in terms of runs scored and run allowed. Here’s a sneak peek at a team that has been heading in the wrong direction for several years. During the […]

Visual Baseball:  WAR and PAY for the San Francisco Giants

Happy Friday. Building on last week’s visual, here’s a look at the San Francisco Giants roster based on WAR and salary. Some things that caught my attention: the amount of money sitting on the Giants’ bench, Barry Zito’s looming presence, and how Aubrey Huff and Andres Torres have really been a godsend to GM Brian […]

Visual Baseball:  A (New) New Look at MLB Standings

After yesterday’s post I got some neat suggestions to improve the visualized standings, so here are two improved approaches. In this first approach, I used a suggestion to hollow out the colored circles to put more emphasis on each team’s winning percentage. I think it helps a lot. I also tried to cluster the AL […]

Visual Baseball:  A new look at the standings

Happy Friday. Here’s an attempt to look at the major league standings in a different way. Features include teams plotted vertically by win percentage and team payroll depicted by circle size. Within each division I’ve selected one team whose payroll is closest to league average (depicted with a solid black line).

Visual Baseball:  Yankees vs. Rays Smackdown

Here’s a version of Rankometer I’m experimenting with, designed to compare 2 teams head to head. Let’s compare the Yankee and Rays on hitting (OPS), pitching (FIP), defense (UZR), and base running (Fangraphs Speed Score). HITTING: The Rays are disadvantaged at almost every position, and at their strongest positions (3B and LF) they only have […]

Visual Baseball:  Josh Hamilton, AL MVP?

Happy Friday. Here’s a combo pack for Josh Hamilton, using Bat Slicer and 5 Tool Analyzer. Pretty impressive season any way you look at it. Hamilton is about average in his walk and strikeout rates, and his speed and range are slightly above average. But in all other areas he’s flat out dominant. I was […]

Visual Baseball:  Introducing Bat Slicer

Happy Friday. Here’s something new that I’ve been working on. It’s called Bat Slicer and the idea is to visually represent a hitters’ bat. I’m hoping the visuals are fairly self explanatory, but just in case: We start with strikeouts (represented by a hole in the bat, and then show walks, singles, doubles & triples, […]

Visual Baseball:  The injury-ravaged Boston Red Sox

Here’s a look at the remarkable number of injuries the Red Sox have sustained this season. Red represents the number of “starters” missing games, with “starters” consisting of eight fielders, one DH, and one starting pitcher. The Red Sox fielded 10 starters only four times during the season (games 1-4), and then a rash of […]

Visual Baseball: Five-tool analyzer Friday

Happy Friday. What better way to start your weekend than with a fresh sampling of five-tool analyzer visuals. Inquiring minds want to know who’s: All-World All-Most All-Muscle All-Power & Speed All-Feet All-D Let’s start with All-World. No surprise here.

Visual Baseball: Introducing the Visual Box Score

I’ve always wanted to revolutionize the baseball box score to reveal more information at a glance. Here’s a first stab, using an old box score from Game 3 of the 2009 ALDS between the Angels and Red Sox. You’ll see a key in the lower right corner that explains everything. I’m still missing a lot […]