Visual Baseball:  Seattle Mariners Rank-o-meter

With the additions of Cliff Lee, Chone Figgins and “Meltdown” Bradley, there’s been a surge in Mariners hype. Those who aren’t quite ready to hand them the AL West crown point to their weak offense. Here’s a look at that offense via the Rank-o-meter. Even with the additions of Figgins and Bradley, the Rank-o-meter shows […]

Visual Baseball: Introducing the Rank-o-meter

Here’s something called the Rank-o-meter. I’ll start you out with one for Zack Greinke’s 2009 season, which shows his ERA ranking relative to other AL pitchers. At a glance, the Rank-o-meter looks like a graphic equalizer and gives a visual indicator of performance (from hot to cold) over the course of the season. I’ve also […]

Visual Baseball: Relative rankings of the 2009 World Series Teams

My last post explored ways to use typeface (word clouds) to illustrate differences in performance and salary. Continuing the theme of comparisons, I’ve been experimenting with lists as a visual way to rank players and teams. Here are some graphics from the World Series, showing how the Yankees and Phillies ranked across a range of […]

Visual Baseball: The Use of Word Clouds

If you saw my recent post on the payroll disparity between the Yankees and Twins, you’ll recall that I used a visual approach called “word clouds.” I’ve used this in other situations, such as comparing base stealing between the Angels and Red Sox (back in the ALDS). A few of you noted that in the […]

Visual Baseball: Payroll Disparities

As you’ll probably notice, a lot of my visuals contain very few numbers. I’m trying to push the envelope in how to communicate what matters WITHOUT numbers, since the sport is currently so numbers-heavy. Here’s a visual I created during the ALDS to shed some light on the David & Goliath nature of the Twins […]

Why Baseball Needs a Visual Facelift

Baseball has been around for awhile. Over a hundred years, with a VAST treasure chest of information and history. As a baseball fan I’ve often wondered why there was so little visualization of stats and other information. It seems like most of baseball’s rich history has been communicated through rows and columns of data. Not […]

Introducing Visual Baseball

Hi there. I’m a new blogger at The Hardball Times and wanted to introduce myself and a topic that I hope you’ll find interesting. It’s called Visual Baseball and it’s about the intersection of two things I love – baseball and infographics (the visual display of information). Over the next few months you’ll be seeing […]